Payout in Croatia

Hi everyone,
I was wondering can anyone explain me why are my payouts from airbnb now on different exchange rate then before. We are in Croatia and before exchange rate for euro to croatian kuna was around 7.45 and last 15 days this rate is 7.22. Bank says thay don’t do exchange and so does airbnb?
Thank you very much

Silly question…has the Kuna lost value? We have been having ABB convert EUR-USD and USD-EUR for the last 4+ years and found that they typically use the standard published exchange rate on the day of payout. Luckily, EUR and USD don’t have massive fluctuations, so the 24-48hr between payout and arrival in our bank account had never resulted in a large loss of sums. I’m not familiar with the stability of the Kuna, so I can’t speak to that. However, that would be my first thought is to check if the Kuna fluctuated much in the last few weeks.

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Thank you for your comment. Kuna has the same value, more or less, for last few years. And the exchange rate was always about the same. Last three payouts are lower about 3%. The airbnb says iz is not them, our bank says it is not them…

If it is only 3% it is most likely currency fluctuation… I briefly looked and it seems the KUNA has moved .01-.02 over the last month in comparison to the Euro

Hmmm looking at Facebook it appears airbnb is now deducting a 3 % currency exchange buffer for themselves.

Where have you seen that please? And when i asked them ( help center) they don’t say anything…