Payout delay...Guests already checked out...No response from customer service at ALL!

Am I the only to encounter this issue where payout is still not received??? Was supposed to receive it 5 days ago, my guests already checked out and there is still no payout. Called customer service 5 times already and they either tell me mixed stories, put me on hold and don’t return, or promise to look into this further and get back to me with status and do absolutely nothing. Have been a loyal member and super host for years, and have never been treated like that by a company where they don’t care at all about loyal customers!

AirBnB, what the hell is going on with you and why are you treating your members with such disrespect and indifference? Your customer service is doing absolutely nothing and why my payout is still not there where you have been payed by guests months ago???

Maddening… This is a contract between you and Air and they’ve broken it. You agreed to host their guest and receive payment 24 hours after check in and don’t. It’s a breach of contract. I sometimes wonder if they have discovered the card was stolen and withhold payment? No idea. Hope it resolves.

Where are you located? In the States? I have a feeling that some of the non-US Customer Service and other reps are not nearly as proactive. I’ve had one or two delays (before being a Superhost) and I got resolution almost immediately.

Speak to a rep. Ask for the name of their supervisor “because I’ve gotten the run-around the last two times I’ve called you guys…”. Then tell your story.

Exactly my point! There is an agreement that they breached and there is no response at all from the customer service people, either promises to get back to me or leaving on hold and hanging up. What’s going on this???

Yeap, in US. Called them way too many times and no response at all, just “We’ll get back to you. The person who is responsible for payouts is not available at this time, but we will escalate this issue…”

I’m in the same situation. The payment hasn’t been made after 3 days from the check-in date. Normally, it’s paid out within 24 hours and I receive a payout email notification from Airbnb. No email has been received. No transaction history to indicate it was paid out. When I called the Airbnb customer service on Oct 26th, the rep said the payment from the guest has been cleared and the payout has been released according to the records in my account. She found it strange that I haven’t received it in my Paypal account and promised that the payment department would contact me on this issue. They haven’t contacted me yet. I’ve been hosting in the US for 2 years and we have never had this issue before. I will keep you posted on the progress.

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Hey Kaz, thanks for your message. Yes, same thing here; there is always this process with the Airbnb email that didn’t come through in this case and all the reps have been telling me that the payment has been released, but I obviously don’t have it, and as per my check, PayPal doesn’t have it either. I was told that the billing department is going to get back to me, but there has been no response at all and it’s been already 6 days as my guests checked in. I’ll do the same on my side and keep you posted if there are any updates I might receive. Damn, good luck to us!

Same situation here in Canada. I have two large late payout. One of them has been late for more then a month. Airbnb is telling all kind of weird stories every time. Promised to call me back but never do, telling me that if I call them back they’ll tell me the same thing, that I have to wait until the case has been assigned to the proper person. I never lost my tempered and always been polite. This is more then just weird. I’m very disappointed.

Lack of payment is pretty serious. Have you tried the Facebook and Twitter approach?

This morning (Oct 28th), I received an email message from a Payments Specialist;

“I hope this message finds you well. My name is *** and I am a Payments Specialist with Airbnb. Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to see that your payout for reservation ****** did not release. I have gone ahead and reissued the payout to your PayPal account, so you should see the funds within hours.
If you have any questions, I am here to help. Have a great weekend!”

I confirmed that the payment has been made to my Paypal account.

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Same thing here from this morning, Kaz. But it took 6 calls, 4 emails, and an angry message on their Twitter to get the payout after it’s been delayed for 6 days. I got the PayPal payout finally, but don’t understand why it had to be handled in such manner. It could have been managed by the customer service team so differently!

Hey there, I got my payout this morning after it’s been delayed for 6 days. Call their customer service again and make sure that the issue is being escalated to the payment department with the urgent status. If you don’t hear from the team again, go on their Twitter and write a post about the situation. I tried to stay polite as a loyal Airbnb host, but there is no other way to handle the situation if noone is responding to you. Let me know how it goes and if you need any help.

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yes, posting on Twitter and talking to their customer service 7 times helped. Got the payment this morning, but it took way too long to resolve something that could have been handled on a professional level. Just upsetting when a company that you truly believe in and support treats you that way.

Hey Acinorevx,
Thanks for the tip. I have not tried the twitter account yet. I did get, so they say, on the urgent status at the customer services. I got on that list a month ago. A month ago, can you imagine.

Twitter is a good idea. I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks again,


I sent then an email on a payout that was 72 hours late. Got a reply next business day and the payout notice. It was in my bank then. I don’t call most times. I want it on email or in writing.