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Payments - I'm a new host, help please

I had my first guests leave this morning. They stayed for two nights, and I keep checking AirBNB and see no payments pending, earnings, etc. I understand that it may be a few days before I see the payment in my bank account, but I was under the impression I should see the payment pending from AirBNB’s side on day 2, this is day 3. Is it because it’s the weekend? Is it because this is my first booking? Below is a screen shot of payments and their reservation was for 7/8-7/10. Thank you!

Is it under future???

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Yes click on future transactions

Yes, this is what I see:

Yea thats weird you should of got sent it yesterday. I had a 1 nighter yesterday leave this morning and mine has been sent and moved across to completed.

Hopefully it’s just because I’m new to the system. I’m excited about doing this and hope it works as well for me as it does for others.

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