Payment not received from Airnnb to PayPal?

I have had my guests arrive and leave. Been told that my payment to PayPal has been released but have no money’s come into my PayPal account. Airnnb day the paid for sure and PayPal say no payment made. What are we suppose to do. Each of them say to contact the other which I’ve done several times but still no payment is reflected. Have asked airbnb to issue me a transaction code for the payment which they simply will not do. Can anyone out there suggest a resolution or have od are having this problem? ??

Have you put the question to Air on Twitter. That seems to be the best method.

I don’t have a Twitter account and dread having one. Hoping to hear from someone who has a resolution to this problem. Thank you for replying. So frustrating. …

Agree. No interest in Twitter but use it only for things like this!

I’ll wait to see what comes back but really worried as this is our lively hood . our area in Portugal is ragging with fire. Terrifying and heartbreaking. We need every bit of help we am can get …

I’ve seen this complaint on various forums. My Airbnb payments go directly to my bank account. I’ve never had a problem with payment so I suspect that your problem is with PayPal. If I were you I would call Airbnb and ask them for the confirmation number of their transfer to PayPal. Then I would call PayPal and tell them the transaction number.

I’d used PayPal since day one and have never had an issue. I have seen people complain about PayPal
Payments however so that does lead me to believe I’ve been lucky.

Thank you yes I have requested confirmation of payment and they continue to not send me relivent information. Really worried as it is our only source of in come.