Payment issues don't know what to do!

hi everyone, new to this forum, just discovered it today as I was searching the Internet for help with my problem. I have been hosting on Airbnb for about a year now ans never had payment issues until now.

I received the notice from Airbnb that payment was sent on July 3rd and should be received in my account by July 8th (via direct deposit) it’s now July 14th and still no payment but Airbnb said it was successfully deposited! I have spoken to my bank several times and they said there is nothing they can do, it is an issue with Airbnb. I have spent the last 3 days speaking to and emailing Airbnb and not one person has been able to help me. they keep saying my case has been escalated and marked urgent yet they can’t transfer me to the department responsible because they only respond via email!??? I am lost as to what to do, I am being sent on a wild goose chase here and feel like no one is trying to help. this is over 2k I am waiting on, not a small amount and I am so frustrated. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Send them a transaction log of your account showing no deposit was made.

I highly recommend using an intermediary like PayPal or whichever is the common provider in your country.

What was the period of the booking which generated over 2k?

I’ve been using direct deposit for a year and never had an issue so adding PayPal now does not really help this current problem. guests stayed for a week.

the challenge is no one at Airbnb is helping me! they just keep transferring me from person to person then that person says they can’t help me and they have to transfer me again. or last night they said for example someone would get in touch with me but no one is getting in touch with me. I just don’t know who I can speak to at this point since everyone just keeps passing the buck.

It doesn’t help the current issue, but it will help in the future.

Call and ask for a manager, and then you can bring the bank on for a three-way call.

I’ve asked for a manager. they won’t transfer me. now they are saying to call back if I don’t here anything in 48 hours! it’s already been 3 days of chasing. this company is the worst to deal with.


Some people have had luck posting their issue on Airbnb’s twitter feed or on facebook. I guess they might not want people finding out they don’t pay their hosts

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Tweet them and if you don’t hear anything, advise them you will make a small claims court filing. Squeaky wheels get oil.


so I contacted them via direct message on Twitter. sort of one last chance before actually tweeting. they got back to me saying they referred it directly to one of their colleagues who would be in touch. I was them ready to say something about my non payment on Twitter when someone finally contacted me. they initiated a trace on their end though the bank. I will see what happens tomorrow. either way this seems like a pretty obvious problem that should not take 3 days of countless emails, phone calls, incorrect transfers and an overall dismissive attitude before finally getting to the right person


Did you check the bank account number in your AirBnB profile settings?

I think she mentioned earlier that she had previously received payments in this account

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Thats right, the bank account is correct. Also I have received a different payment, sent AFTER this missing one was sent and it was received just fine in the same account.

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Someone can “hack” into the account and change the banknumber, so this is always the first thing to check.

And even worse, the hacker can change it back again after a big payment, and the owner of the account would have no clue. And then the hacker waits a few months until he sees another big payment coming up, and changes it again. Easy way to steal money.

This happens a lot, there are many phishing mails that claim to be from AirBnB, Wimdu or any other site.
Even having the same password for all your rental sites is a big risk.

So was this resolved?

Hey everyone so this was finally resolved. On Saturday july 16th the payment showed up in my account. I contacted the person who had finally made contact with me and I got the following response:

We have received a report from our processing partner confirming that the batch was reject by the bank and re-processed only on July 14th, that is why your payout took so long to arrive. This affected all funds sent in that batch so your case was not isolated

Interestingly it was July 14th that after all my emails, calls etc someone finally contacted me. Had i not persisted I really wonder how long this would have taken to be fixed. I just find they are not very transparent. Anyway, its resolved but it should not have been such a challenge to get things fixed. That was my real issue, i get it things happen but wow they have a poor process for getting it to the right person.


Its been a nightmare for me so far. No problems for two years and now I havent received any payments for two months - 3 visits now unpaid. I must have made over 100 calls and emails. After I finally got copies of the actual transfers, my bank has gotten back to me to say they cant track the transfers without the Swift messages… whatever they are. I had to contact some company called payoneer. They finally got back to me to say i need to sign something from Exchange4free - whoever they are - they say i was supposed to get an email with some paper attached to sign. Ive never gotten an email from Exchange 4free. Called payoneer - now they say they transferred it to some other department who will get back to me in a few days. Two months and counting…