Payment from manager

How does your manager pass on payments? Do they set up an end of month payment or do you receive payment as soon as there’s a booking. Do they have to have a trust account to keep the months takings until payment to you is released?

You really need to do some research on how Airbnb works. No payment until 24 hours after the guest stays.

Let me refrase it. When do you get payment from your manager, monthly weekly or payment per booking?

My payment from the guest goes into my account for my property. My Manager gets paid by me at the end of the month at the Agreed percentage.

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You as the host should be setting up your profile on Airbnb and then setting up your listing on it @Dylan

You can then add your co-host/manager to your listing, so they can help you manage your listing, if you are choosing to use one.

I believe you can go into your listing and arrange for a split payment so part of the payment goes to your co-host. Your could also have all income go directly to you and at the end of the month/every two weeks or whatever you and the co-host decides they invoice you for work carried out

You should never allow the co-host to set up your listing under their profile. You then have little control over your listing and any reviews and ratings will be in their name and not yours.

If things don’t work out with your co-host and you want to manage the listing yourself or use someone else to co-host you will lose all the reviews and ratings and have a problem with an up and coming bookings in co-hosts name.

You need to have a contract with your co-host with an agreement of what support their offer, how cleaning and supplies are managed, payment terms, notice period etc, Also take up references from two of their current hosts.

Finally it sounds like you haven’t yet become familiar with how Airbnb works. Go to it’s Help Centre read up on the basics including how co-hosting works.


I have just gone into your profile as your name sounds familiar and saw i advised you about the co-hosting process, when you first asked about co-hosts back in October :slight_smile: