Payment from guests

As stated yesterday this is my first weekend hosting so bare with me.
Guests leaving today. When will I get a notice of money I’m being paid? Do guest have to do something when they arrive so air can start process. I’ve added photo of what I’m seeing on app. Although it was closer to €500 yesterday.
Any thoughts? Thanks. YUploading…

I usually get an email the day after they arrived.

Oh gosh. I hope in not doing something wrong. Two arrived Friday and are leaving today. Haven’t gotten any email. Six arrived yesterday and all leaving today. The people who arrived Friday have used Airbnb before so I’ll check with them if it seems all ok. Thanks.

I get an email 24-48 hrs after checkin.

On the app the amounts seem to have moved. Looks more like what I’d expect to see. Total earnings so far. Amount pain and amount due. Thanks for your help. Small panic as a first time host. Y

Ussualy. its the next day but if it was Friday, you wont receive anything until Monday. I would call them anyway and ask.

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I always get an email the day after the guest arrives .
My guests arrived Friday and I received this Saturday. It will be in my account sooner than they say, probably Tuesday

We’ve issued you a payout of $204 via Bank Transfer. This payout should arrive in your account by Jul 13, 2016, taking into consideration weekends and holidays.

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