Payment for host referral

hello, I saw a link to offer a payment for referring a good friend as a host. I now cannot find the link to this on my profile. All I can find is a reward of travel coupons. Does this lump sum payment to hosts for referrals still exist ? Many thanks

Go to Inbox and at the top of the of the message listing there is a “refer a host” link.

Airbnb promotions come & go and differ from region to region. For a few months referral reward amount seems to change often boucing from $250 to $50 to $100 to $150…you get the idea. I wonder if they were looking for the sweet spot to entice current hosts to refer new hosts. Also the guest referral bounces around too.

Because of the lack of consistency, I would suggest contacting Airbnb Customer Service.

I have referred a couple of new hosts to Air and looked into the “$120” host referral. It was not a lump sum payment and ended up actually being something closer to $20 per referral with a maximum payment of $120 per year. Payouts were then contingent upon your referral actually having guests stay. It was nothing to get excited about!

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Figures seem low, our referral link is suggesting we get €425 if we refer a prospective host. When I looked at the T&C’s, it said $480 per referral.