Paying for cleaners?

Does anyone pay for cleaners to clean on an as needed basis? If so how does it work, is it a set rate per clean? All I can find is management companies in my location (Australia) which do all the checking in etc and charge over 20% usually. All I need is someont to do the clean/ change sheets

I have 3 cleaning staff. They are only available to me. I pay $25 p/hour.
Every Monday we have a team meeting where their availability is sorted out and the weeks cleans nominated and the following week is discussed.
The hardest thing is to find a reliable cleaner who does the same standard every time and that can also take direction. Leave and availability is scheduled in so we always know who is meant to be where.

I have one cleaner. I book her “as needed” but she does the turnover for almost every guest. We communicate almost exclusively via text, she checks my Google master calendar regularly and I pay her via Venmo. She is terrific. I’ve been using her for my entire time I’ve been hosting. I don’t know what I would do without her.

She charges me $65 per clean/turnover and I also split my pet fee with her. In addition, she does larger cleaning projects for me, as needed.

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I did all the cleaning the first year and that was onerous.

Now I have two cleaners. One does cleaning as her part time job the other is a friend who has a from-home consulting gig and she cleans for extra pocket money. They change the sheets and do a good clean of the place. It takes them about 2 hours and I pay them $50-60.

It was helpful to develop a checklist so they hit all the things I need them to.

We have one cleaner that we hire on an as needed basis. We use turnoverbnb which syncs with my calendar so she’s notified every time a guest books. She accepts or declines (rarely) each job. She is pregnant, and cleaning less now, but trained her brother in law and now he does most of our cleanings. We pay $50 per job for a 1br 1ba unit with a full kitchen. She bills us monthly and we usually tip up to average about $60 per job. We have a few back up cleaners we can call if necessary, but none of them are very good. Finding someone reliable, thorough, and that understands that it’s not just a regular cleaning, (there’s a bit of staging and although the cleanings aren’t as deep since they’re so regular, everything has to be at least checked each time) is really difficult.

Have u tried airtasker?. I’ve seen many hosts post one off jobs as a trial, with an option to repeat. I found mine through the Airbnb community forums.

I’ve never tried Airtasker as it appears to be Australian, but we tried a couple of similar on demand hire sites early on, and for the most part they sucked. I supposed you could find someone good and maybe okay for an emergency situation, but it didn’t work for us. Have you had good luck with them? Just our experience.

Why is that all you need? Don’t you want someone who can get the place ready for guests as well as clean?

I’ve always done the cleaning. That’s largely because I’ve not found anyone who does it to an acceptable standard. It takes up about 8 hours or so of the average week. At one time, I’d thought about hiring cleaners in order to free up that time but for what? To go to the gym to keep fit? The cleaning/preparing the apartments is an excellent way of keeping fit, free, and saving money at the same time.

I once knew a woman who paid a cleaner to do her house every week. She paid the cleaner, obviously. While he was doing her house she went out - to the gym. So she paid the cleaner and the gym fees. Bonkers.

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I would definitely do the cleaning if I didn’t work full time. I still come home on my lunch hour and do a walk through/double check everything.

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I admit that I’m a bit of a madwoman when it comes to work. If a guest leaves early in the morning - as many do to get early flights, especially European guests - than I’m to be found in one of the rentals cleaning at 6.30 am. :slight_smile: