- Get Paid Now for Upcoming Reservations


I’m in no way affiliated with this service, and have never used it, just saw an add!

Looks like they charge about 10% in fees, so if you can find a better way to invest the money for distant reservations, might be worth a try I suppose.

I saw it too. Dodgy! Like a payday lender for Airbnb!

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‘Factoring’ is used in many circumstances; example, you sell goods at a 50% profit but have to give ‘90 or 120 day’ terms. Instead of waiting 3-4 months to get paid, a business can give up 10%, get the money now, buy more goods and make another sale. 40% (50% profit - 10%) is better than nothing. Oftentimes such services are used by businesses that must pay cash to get their goods, meaning that have no credit with suppliers who are unwilling to give them terms, which of course is a whole other subject. :rolling_eyes:

In the case of hosting, perhaps someone wants to make an improvement in their property or add more units now, but doesn’t have the cash (or credit), or doesn’t want to have to deal with a bank, which we all know how much fun that is.

Of course, it all sounds a bit parasitic on the surface, and ‘looks’ like it prays on people in dire straits, but in many cases ~IF~ used responsibly, it does make economic sense and could prove helpful.

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Maybe you intended to reply to @konacoconutz rather than me?

Ah, was agreeing with you that IF someone could put the money to better use beyond the 10% cost, it may work for some. Just changed it to ‘generic’.

@Lucy_R Thanks for your comment, just FYI we charge in average about 3-5% in fees.

We are also aware that our service is not for all Airbnb hosts but as @Mearns mentioned, a lot of our customers need the money before the guest checks-in in order to improve their property, pay for the Airbnb property managers, pay their bills or simply plan their own trip.

Weird you only accept Gmail addresses…

@konacoconutz I logged in and the first screen displays Payfully’s offer. In my case a $1600 reservation in 40 days that Payfully will payour $1525 in the next 48 hrs. Then after the payment hit my account in 42 days, Payfully will deduct the $1600 from the account I used to fund the pre-payment. I didn’t do it, but wanted to check out the process.

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Maybe it would be a fit for some but others may find it dicey.

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Agree. It’s totally a Payday loan for ABB


@azreala Yes, at the moment we only accept Gmail users. Our new feature will be ready in a couple of weeks and it will allow us to support more Airbnb hosts.
We know that our factoring service is not for all hosts but thanks anyway you for checking our service :slight_smile:

Also Daniela I know some people use Payoneer, but no clue what percentage or how that changes the dynamics.

Nothing gets by the part-time ‘Lady from Spain’ ( @azreala) . :sunglasses:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to update and let you know that is now ready to serve all Airbnb hosts! :slight_smile:

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Payfully will be Cancelfully with the new cancelation policy coming up. :grin:

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I totally saw this and went and signed up after a little research I am in a tight spot for cash and needed help it was easy to set up and was ready within hours I was super pleased they have a customer service chat box right on the sight and will talk you through the process I don’t work for these guys I am a Airbnb host of a year and half and so stoked I found a relatively cheap alternative for a loan

You joined 9 hours ago to bump a 5 month old thread in relation to a loan service?



Hi @Jaysunshine

Do let us have a link to your listing - always good to get more of a feel for new members as a host :slight_smile:

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