Pay less up front?...any good?

just read an article on the new payment system:

has anyone had this on their property yet…pros and cons?

read an article saying 40% of users now use this, and they use it on more expensive properties…

On first reading: “If the full amount isn’t paid by the payment deadline, then the reservation will be canceled and everyone who paid will get their money back.

How is this of benefit to the host who has kept those dates blocked for who knows how long.


The article I read said: “While testing the feature, Airbnb reportedly found that 40% of users used the Pay Less Up Front option and those who used it tended to make bookings farther in advance.”

That’s not 40% of all users. That’s 40% of users during the test, for bookings exceeding $250 and 14+ days in advance. I’m only one host but almost none of my guests would be eligible. Would I get more guests staying a longer time and reserving farther in advance if they didn’t have to pay it all in advance? Maybe.


Also this article linked is about splitting payments not the pay half now feature.

I know, I know… :smile:
I can see them now, all sitting around the conference table and coming up with ideas on how best to give more to the guests and take from the hosts.

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It’s about competition with HomeAway/VRBO. Most of the properties there charge 50% up front and the rest 30-60 days before arrival.

HomeAway has given me some pop ups encouraging us to lower the down payment from 50%. It’s a race to the bottom, I’m afraid.

The two main sites don’t have anything significant to offer the guests except what they can push their “inventory” (l love being called that - NOT) to do. So they keep pushing us to get cheaper and lower the upfront payment and give a more flexible cancellation policy.

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It’s bad. It’s going to encourage people who aren’t sure if they can afford it to place a deposit to hold our places then back out as long as it is 7 days out and receive ALL back. Another crap policy to put the screws tighter in hosts.


NOW… If you haven’t done it already, start on your own sites. It’s time to wrest ourselves from the strangleholds of these platforms. It’s going to keep getting worse. Just when you think you have heard it all, they come up with more crappy policies. Love how they spin it to make it sound good for YOU, the struggling, chained up slave host.

Just like stating that a 20 percent corporate tax cut will benefit the little people. Yeah, maybe on the planet Mars. Or in some other science fiction setting.

To allow someone to place a deposit on your place and just hold it until seven days out and then cancel???

No way. Blocking Holiday weeks now and adding a note that I only book those weeks direct due to too many issues with last minute cancellations.