Pay in advance or upon arrival

Came across a local listing today (cause I’m always researching!) and while I’ve seen this listing before…he’s changed some of his wording.
It includes 'Pay in advance or upon arrival. Cash also accepted.'
I get that he is a real bona fide business as noted by the sign he has on the property (I’ve been up that way and have seen the sign).
Just wondering if it’s cool to advertise like that on the ABB platform since it’s a legit biz.
And gosh…why does he get so many bookings when I seem to struggle (although the struggling has changed since I signed up for smart pricing, and have once again raised my rates just a few bucks), and he is more expensive than I am for 2 people, and my guests don’t have to share a bathroom (with possibly 6 other people!)
I offer coffee, teas, yogurts, muffins, instant oatmeals, breakfast bars, and berries of some sort.
I’m questioning all my listing verbiage and pricing.
I actually employed someone from fiverr to come up with most of my verbiage who used to work at ABB. Wondering if I should change it all.

We can’t know why he gets more bookings then you do.

If he is asking for cash through Airbnb as you know this is against their rules. Report him.

Why would you employ someone from Fiver - anyone who is good at writing copy and worked for ABB wouldn’t have to advertise there.

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I’m not going to report him, let ABB figure it out for themselves. I just can’t imagine saying that on my listing, and was shocked to see he was.
As to hiring someone from fiver…(autocorrect keeps Deming the 2nd R), I thought maybe I needed a new set of eyes on my listing.

I’m always fidgeting with the name of my listing, and the description, it’s like a bad habit!

Apparently not shocked enough to do something about it :roll_eyes:

Why would I? It’s not my business to interfere with his business, but I do admit to being nosy and always checking out other listings in my area, although he’s a good 30 miles away from me.

My opinion is location is the #1 thing people look at. If they are 30 miles away from you I’d start with that as being the difference in your bookings.

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True, like anything having to do with real estate, it’s all about location! Good Point!
But I was just basically referring to the distance because I know many active members here may have 100’s of comparable listings within just a few square miles. Being so rural here, that isn’t the case.
Admittedly, there has been a significant increase in listings in my town from last year to this year, but not many of them are comparable. For instance, whole home, on the water, vs a shared home private bedroom private bathroom.
My prices seem mostly in line with my comparables, except for one listing 10 miles away that is a studio apt in a basement, with full kitchen for a cheaper price than mine.
But the town itself is not as cozy, with as much to offer, it’s just difficult to relay that in a listing sometimes.

You might want to post your listing here and get people to look it over and make suggestions.