Pausing my listing for certain dates

I know I have paused my listing in the past, and I see how I did it in the help menu in the past (Listings, Manage Listing, Listing Status etc) however I can’t seem to find the way to pause my listing now. I’ll be travelling a couple of days and will be unable to respond. Am I missing something? TIA

Its still in the same place for me @YerTiz

Yep! For me too. I sometimes think I try too hard at stuff. Looked all over yesterday, first thing this morning saw it straight away. Thanks.

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I don’t pause the listing - i just block out the dates as unavailable.


I believe that the OP indicated that they can’t respond to incoming inquiries, so wish to snooze their listing so they don’t get dinged on that response rate.

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Ah! But if the period is relatively short another option would be to assign a cohost to respond to messages on those days.

Correct, I already had the dates blocked, but also did not want to miss responding to inquiries or requests because of having no internet access. Thanks for your help everyone, think my brain just needed a nights rest to see where I had to go to find the snooze link.