Pause for Comic Relief - yet another Airbnb Tiktok on rules


Video is hilarious. I have stayed in a few STRs which had such weird rules but nothing close. I understand he is exaggerating to make it funny.

Yes well very funny, clearly a wind up by the time they got to their kids, little Bilbo and Persephone, running around the house, $500 cleaning if you sit on a couch or sleep in the bed and $7000 for a 2 night stay. Not to mention “homosexuals” being banned from downloading youtube videos of Divas or “Real Housewives”. Though I wonder where the real rules end and the fake one starts? And if anyone takes them seriously and gets upset.

When I was pregnant, my DH husband insisted we name the child Persephone or Desdemona if it was a girl. Thank goodness it was a boy!

I know someone who named their daughter Etcetera. Then there’s Frank Zappa whose kids were named Moon Unit and Dweezle. I can’t imagine why people would name their kids something that will get made fun of all their lives.
Desdemona wouldn’t be too bad, she’d probably get called Desi, which is kinda cute. But Persephone could get called Phoney.

I’ve stayed in one place that had very strict rules, and the “neighbours” were the hosts.
I’ve actually got a note in my guest manual to NOT water the plants!! I guess that’s still a “rule” though, yikes.