Patio furniture for the terrace

Hello everyone,

based on several months of feedback from (coming up to) 40 different sets of guests, it sounds like among the most effective things I could do to make my rental more attractive is to put some patio furniture on my terrace. You can see pictures of my terrace in my airbnb listing (, also in my profile).

This will be completely exposed to to elements, including very heavy rain, and potentially high winds during the monsoons.

Items needed are chairs (possibly including a sofa or similar), a table, and an umbrella or awning type thing to keep off the sun, and (to some extent) the rain. Though when the rains are really going during the monsoons, no kind of covering will keep you dry.

I was wondering whether to go cheap and use plastic, and go with something nicer like aluminium, possibly with resin covering (apparently that’s a thing). Though the resin thing apparently makes it much more expensive. Something like, perhaps. See also

I’m sort of inclined to go with aluminium, partly because I hate the cheap look of plastic. Nor are plastic chairs the greatest to sit in. Or I am I perhaps being too fussy? Thoughts?

World Market has some nice, inexpensive wood options, too, although you have to keep it oiled to look good.

Oh, and @faheem your place is just lovely!!

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I think the Resin looks great! Agree. Much nicer than plastic. Might you store during Monsoon season as we do in winter in Canada?

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The monsoons here can last as long as 4 months. They did this year. The idea is to have furniture that can take a beating from the elements and not be affected. So no.

Also, I’d need to see it before buying, so I’ll probably buy it locally.

You’ve had lots of grata reviews since the last time I saw you post on here!

Please don’t use cheap molded plastic !

On my terrace, I have resin-covered steel (Ému) and lacquered steel furniture (Fermob), it stays outdoors year round as I have no place to store them, and they hold up very well, but indeed the Emu resin-covered stuff still looks brand new whereas the lacquered steel has a patina. We don’t have monsoon, but in Paris, it rains every other day year-round , just don’t tell my prospective guests.

I have also cheap made in China lacquered aluminum armchairs from the big box store and they hold up well too.


Get mesh seats vs cushions. Mine are comfy, anytime I’ve bought ones with supposed weatherproof fabric ive had to toss them due to mold.

Hi @Barthelemy,

I think I’d prefer aluminium furniture. It sounds like resin covering is a good way to go, but possibly expensive. I was just sent a catalog which has Rs. 21500 for a set of 4 chairs plus a table. But of course I don’t know how good the quality is. Figuring out quality is one of the hardest things. The description is (verbatim)

18Gu alimunium coated Frame With PVC Rattan Viwing Table Size - 30 Inch

This is India, so they can’t spell aluminium, even in their catalog. And I’m guessing “Viwing” is meant to be “Viewing”. This doesn’t make much sense in the context, but I can’t imagine what else it could be. The guy on the phone said PVC Rattan is the same as resin.

Yay for all those wonderful reviews, @faheem! Glad to see the guests are appreciating you as much as we do! :relaxed:

Thanks, @dcmooney. But really, it’s all just about the business. :slight_smile: