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Patio Furniture Cushions

Any tips on where to find them without having to pay almost the full price of a new furniture set?

Also, if you have tips on keeping them from fading, that would be great!

Kmart, but we have an outstanding one here in Kona

I get mine at At Home… A warehouse store that has amazing prices on all kinds of home goods. I could spend days poking around in there!


I believe they have locations across the US.

That’s pretty good. Thanks!

They’re about 1/4 the price I’ve been seeing locally. You would think they were filled with the down of a golden goose.

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Walmart has some that are really reasonable.

I’ve gotten mine at Wayfair.com and Amazon on line. Sunbrella fabric is more expensive but it really holds up well and cleans well too,
once or twice a season

Ikea is where we got ours. Not cheap but reasonable and decent quality.

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We picked up a bunch on sale at Pier One Imports for $15/cushion. However, the IKEA cushions are amazing for the price, we have them at our main residence!

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