Passive Aggressive Loudness (my *probably* immature way of things)

My boyfriend & I host a private room in our home on the lower level, we also work jobs that require us awake and out the door by 730am.

We’re 163 reviews in and this is the second guest (we’ve been quite lucky) that has been so loud that I will leave a review regarding their late night party voices/slamming doors/disrespect, that said I enjoy a little “taste of their own medicine” in addition.

Our home has wood floors and I tend to wear my wooden clogs as I get ready (our room is directly above them). I also make sure to slam doors and pretty much mimic their late night romping to prove a point. We also make sure we let the dog and cat play together in the living area.

Currently our guests were facetiming and scream laughing in the living area at 12pm, going outside to smoke and slamming the door each time they left (counted 4 times), and also being so loud outside that I was able to hear their whole conversation and laughter.

Either way, I made sure my morning routine was just a tad louder.

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I can’t imagine this is ‘teaching them a lesson.’ Instead, you have now indicated that this is a loud house where the owners clump around and make lots of noise, so the guests will now believe that this is the house ‘standard.’ It would probably be better to actually tell them that there is a problem, so then they can decide if they want to head to a different arrangement or keep their noise down during your stated quiet hours.d


it made me feel better. :space_invader:

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I also don’t see how your reaction accomplishes anything. You’re probably going to get a bad review and you can give them a bad one as well. I wonder how that will make you feel? I also wonder if it will put a damper on your bookings. I guess the good news here is you have a level of self-awareness. As you mature that might serve you well.


we’re 163 bookings in, all great reviews… even the last one we had issues with noise. It’s not like I was outside their door with a jackhammer. I made more noise than usual. It’s fine, we will get a good review, we were great hosts.

after they decided to be ________'s!

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I’m not sure what the point of your post was. Bragging about your good reviews in spite of your petty vindictiveness
seems better suited to Snapchat.


People have vented on these forums before? The harm?

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You’re not in the playground @Amber0517. You’re running a business.

Presumably late night noise is against your house rules. Try a friendly chat instead of childish tit for tat, reminding them that you are up early for work and your house rules around noise are there to ensure everyone shares the house comfortably.

Follow it up with a message through Airbnb.

If it continues you can then ask them to leave.


Agree. You Should have asked them to keep the noise down, not escalated the noise war by making your own. No harm in venting here but if you are going to vent about being passive aggressive, I think people are going to respond honestly.


I feel like this behaviour is something you can do to loud roomates or loud people living above you but NOT paying guests!


And even then, only after asking them (loud roommates) politely to be more quiet 5 times.

Exactly. Why on earth didn’t the OP simply talk to the guests about the behaviour? Beats me…


Because I was asleep, woken up, attempting to go back to sleep, they left, slammed doors, came back at 1am. When I woke to go to work the guests were sleeping. Should I wake them to talk to them? They will be checking out at 11, while i’m at work.

You guys are acting as if I had a boat horn outside their door. I just simply didn’t tip toe around as I normally do.

Well… should you get indignant at our reaction…. when you admittedly didn’t behave professionally?


Well you didn’t mention that in your first post…we can only go on what you tell us!

Normally you mention this short of thing on check in to minimise the risk of it happening.

If it bothered me that much I would have nipped down and asked them to keep noise to a minimum.


Personally, I am not offended by the noise war you had with the guests. Doesn’t bother me any. As long as you don’t mind getting a nasty review in return. Your choice, and they did deserve it.

But I gotta ask…do you normally wear wooden clogs while getting ready above guests? I hope not. I wanted to kill a couple of roommates who would put their heels on while still getting ready. No matter how “quiet” they tried to be, I couldn’t sleep when they were walking around.

Totally get it! Why should you tiptoe around them if they’ve kept you up all night?

Make sure you mention it in their review and add a house rule about ‘quiet hours’. Then if it happens again (with other guests) you can send them a quick message to remind them

The wooden clogs part was clearly tongue in cheek… who actually owns a pair of these? I think the OPs entire post was a little joke and people are not getting her humour and jumping all over her. Like the guy who recently posted a ‘letter to guests’ and everyone who replied took it way too seriously.