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Party next door

So here is the case :wink: I rent out a beautiful apartment in a larger block of apartments, and get great reviews. When I woke up this morning, I see I had 4 missed calls between 1 and 4:30pm from the people who are staying for 3 days… checking out today. So I knew something was wrong, listening to the voicemails, things were getting from reasonably friendly to nasty… Since I turn my phone on silent during the night I had missed them ( my bad…) Apparently the neighbours had thrown a party till 5 in the morning, and although my guest complained thing di not get better… As they say “its no use crying over spilled milk” i need to do something for my guests… SO i can create a hamper for their journey home waive 1 night fee ( or more) apologise etc… any other tips out there? (Besides talking to the neighbours and wake them up @ 5 the rest of the week to make them feel what my guests felt…;))

@Ernst_Aben, I think you are on the right track. Offer them a discount or free night, apologize and let them know you’ll talk to the neighbors. AirBnB will not typically hold you accountable for your neighbors’ disturbances or things outside your control. Offering your guests a discount is the right thing to do and requesting that they pass on the review process may help your listing. Good luck!

It might be asking for trouble to complain to your neighbour when you are running an airbnb next door to them.

Who knows how many times they have had people up laughing and drinking since you started…

I got my first review where the guest mentioned neighbor noise. Even though the owner of the house is my friend and has told her tenants in no uncertain terms to keep their noise down, they were just moving in and using a plethora of F words, took cell phone calls outside late at night, all of which had F words, making them sound like rude local ruffians.

My guest noted it in her review, and I begged her to change it when I explained the situation and that I talked to the owner. So unfair to blast me for neighbor noise not of my own making. To her credit, she did edit (hey I’m a poet and didn’t know it.)

Ironic, because over the years I have had waaay worse neighbor noise such as meth head karaoke drummers and a wolf whistling parrot. No one ever mentioned them!

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I honestly don’t worry too much about the noise my guests make, as most of them are out sightseeing all day and come home, take a shower and collapse into bed. Of course families are different, and I’ve written more then one post how I feel about small children. My real concern is noisy neighbors -whether it’s the clomping around in the apartment upstairs or the reggaeton loving guy next door who parties until 3am. I am very hesitant to approach my neighbors about noise issues unless it’s an insane situation. While I enjoy very good relations with my neighbors who know I do short term rentals, I don’t want some drunk guy getting mad and starting to take issue with my business. So I’ll do what I can to fix the situation, and if it goes on for a while, I move out. No questions. I look for another place. I can’t afford a battle with a neighbor that is habitually loud, and I can only pretend it’s a brand new issue to each guest before it catches up with me. I’ve moved out of three apartments in six years because of noisy neighbors. Not an ideal situation, but it’s worked so far.

I personally don’t think you did anything wrong. You have every right not to answer your phone between 1 am and 5 am! What did the guests want you to do, come over and talk to the neighbors in the middle of the night? Why couldn’t your guests just put in earplugs? Of course I think you should be apologetic but I don’t think you need to offer a discount.

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