Party at springfield tn airbnb

this story is from Springfield TN, which is a suburb of Nashville.

the same thing happened to me last month at my airbnb in Nashville, and I got zero response from airbnb. I’m not even sure I was actually corresponding with a real person. I delisted my property after this happened, and I will never work with airbnb again.


Why delist? Seems to me that the solution for you is to manage and prevent parties. Also, why is it airbnb’s responsibility to go to your property and manage it? Airbnb is merely a booking website; they are not in charge of going over to your property and dealing with your guests…

We hosts who are affected by this negative publicity are concerned, of course, about your property etc. We are NOT concerned about property owners who do not have methods in place to prevent this, like cameras, managers, and so on.


I’m confused. A customer service agent did or didn’t respond?

I’m surprised as parties are one thing Airbnb does pretend to care about.

We are not affiliated with Airbnb. If you want to post a complaint that someone from Airbnb will read, twitter is the place to do that.


From the article: “The sheriff’s office told News4 they couldn’t break it up because the rental agreement was between Airbnb and Case, the homeowner.”

I don’t understand. It was the homeowner who called the sheriff’s office. Even if the homeowner did not have a rule of no parties, they certainly would have a maximum occupancy limit, which would have been under 100, the reported number at the house.

Yes, the homeowner should have had a camera, but the neighbors did and as soon as the owner became aware of the party reported it to the police. The police should have acted.

Thank you for posting this.

I am sorry that you had a similar problem.

But what could Airbnb do other than delisting the guest?

The problem here was the police’s failure to act when the maximum occupancy was exceeded. In addition, it would have been wise for the owner to have had (if they didn’t) a rule prohibiting parties. Others here, I think, would suggest that the house rules further state that a violation of that rule would result in the guest being ejected from the property and the reservation cancelled without any refund.

I don’t want to point fingers at the owner but I would like to think that if the owner knew its rights, asserted either a no parties rule or that the maximum occupancy had been exceeded that the police might then have acted.

So you think you got a bot responding to your issues?

You don’t have any cameras, local co-hosts, noise machines? You’re remote and want a booking platform to actually do YOUR work for you and when they don’t you de-list?

Managing your property is YOUR issue, not ABB’s.

The bad publicity of badly managed and hosted homes sucks for the rest of us who work very hard to play nice with our neighbors. In my case, every one of my neighbors knows I ABB as a home-share host and my next door neighbor lets me use his driveway so guests have plenty of room in mine. I pay him in bourbon and his wife in sweet tea vodka. :wink:

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You may feel like you’re not getting much sympathy/empathy in the responses so far, however, don’t shoot the messengers. I’m sorry you had a problem but to delist is not serving you well. Maybe you don’t need every booking engine and if so, great. But if you do, it’s not Airbnb’s fault there was a party.

So many of the discussions in this forum center around the core issue – what to expect, not expect from guests, and how to be a better manager of what happens in your rental. The bottom line is long before the STRs of the world, places were rented direct and people had to manage unruly guests. So relationships with police, better screening, better security devices (such as decibel monitors) are all tools that you need whether you list on Airbnb, VRBO or any other property.

If you know all this…then great, but we are here to help other hosts if you ask.

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Well, it seems ABB feels the same way about OP as OP does about them :upside_down_face:… (I hope this link is ok - no offense taken if moderators must delete this reply)

A quote from the linked article:

“ Airbnb expressed their commitment to not only preventing people from renting out Airbnbs for the purpose of throwing parties, but also removing properties that encourage or fail to ensure that behavior is prohibited.”

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