Parties and Events house rules

Hive mind help! I’ve been approached by someone who organises pamper party sessions. I need to create a checklist and house rules for this purpose.
Are there any host here who allows events and parties? Could I have a nosy at your house rules please?
All tips welcome! Thank you

I allow events. I’ve had a film shoot and a photography show. In both cases I had no problems. I told the director of the film shoot that I expected everything to be put back where it goes. The crew took pictures before they moved anything so they would know where to put it when they were done shooting. Our house was left exactly the way they found it except for a bunch of water bottles under the couch which was no big deal.

The photography show used our back yard. They also had an artist painting a painting in our back yard as part of the event. They hired someone to make food. She used our kitchen. They cleaned everything and left our house exactly the way they found it.

I like events because I don’t have to deep clean the guest room (no laundry) and there are set hours that they will be here. In fact, we’ve also listed our house on websites for film shoots.

My rules are that the event must be completely cleaned up after. If it’s a commercial event (such as a film shoot) I require that they have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. I will not host wedding related events (wedding, wedding shower, bachelor party, engagement party, etc.).


What is a pampers party?
You mean a baby shower? :rofl:

I think it means face masks and bubbles kind of thing with the girls

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In response to the OP, I think this is basically subletting and you’d have to ask yourself if you’re ok with this. This person is hosting parties, probably charging a set fee per person and making a large profit. I would bump your rate up for commercial use and consider the same kind of extra insurances that Ellen insists upon

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Haha it’s a girlie face masks, nails, beauty sort of pamper parties. She’s looking at my place as it’s near the train station so they can do their pamper sessions during the day and head to town for the evening/night.
Good us usually nibbles or they might get a gourmet chef in for a proper sit down dinner

She organises the events but the guests book directly with me.
Basically they come to her for her services, she gives them a price for her services and recommends accommodation which they then book directly but she’s responsible for giving them all the initial details ie house rules, deposits etc

I’d sit down together (maybe with a lawyer) and, and draw up a contract defining who pays for what, amount of lead time needed for one of these parties, etc. Who pays for damages? What is the min/max number of guests for one of these parties. Together you write up the house rules for the parties. You photograph the place in detail before and after each event. She collects her own deposits, not yours, of course.

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Good idea about photographing before and after.

Thanks for all your help