Paris Hosts Did you notice a decline?

I have noticed a great decline on reservations since August. I did have some reservations until January, not the usual amount though and then after February nothing,no inquiries, no reservations. I tried another site (Agoda) and now I have just 3 reservations but nothing from Airbnb. We have a one bedroom apartment in Champs Elysses for 4 people, recently renovated in a very good price. As far as I know other people in the building rent theirs 250-350 and I give it for 150 and now 120. Has anyone in Paris noticed the decline? I am asking to see if it is the price or people are scared to travel due to the terrorist attacks.

We have had terrorist attacks a few weeks ago in London. It hasn’t affected my listing and I’m continuing to get bookings into the summer.

I am in the suburbs of Paris and have more bookings than in 2016.

Lowering your price may not be a solution (as Accor CEO said after Nov 2015 attacks, if people are not willing to visit, they won’t, whatever your price is).

Improving your product, the way you market it and finding other selling channels seem smarter options :).

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try listing on vrbo.

@Elen ohh can you provide a ink here or PM me, Paris is a popular destination for my friends and me.