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Paranoid Guests and other Red Flags



I don’t dispute that one needs to meet roommates prior to agreeing to live with them. What made it seem intrusive and controlling is declining guests who don’t want to friend her on social media and having the meetings be over coffee or a meal. This is more like dating than a business arrangement. If you’re trying to determine compatibility why not meet at the listing and have a questionnaire about things like temperature, cleaning habits, etc.


Agree. I don’t like that either, and would be put off by the pressure to hand over my Facebook account so someone can stalk my political posts, see who I hang out with or otherwise scrutinize me. This is not the approved way to vet ABB guests.

If interviewing roommates, you only have your own rules to follow. If vetting ABB guests you have ABB rules/TOS to follow.


This is a bit of a weird post to be fair and not sure why your issues and insights are only about women and who they have or haven’t lived with…

Anyways, what is ‘you’re a stranger’ in response to? I suspect your question might be a bit odd to generate this response. And why do you want to friend your guests, long term or not on social media. That’s a bit odd too.


I would be VERY surprised if you can get any idea at all really what I am like from my Facebook & Twitter.


Prior to Airnb, I rented the lower part of my house to a man. I knew his name, previous address, phone number. Also he was retired and sold junk/antiques. I never had coffee with him, nor friended him on social media. Even if I had a roommates, I wouldn’t share my online life with them. I have online accounts family can’t access. It’s called a private life. All I cared about was that the rent came in on time and joint areas, ie driveway were shared appropriately.

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