Panoramic Photo upload?

Hello - does anyone know if I can post my panoramic picture I took with my iPhone and upload it as my cover photo?? When I tried this I didn’t come in as panoramic.

Any help would be appreciated??


Panoramic photos are not a “photo” they are a really a small “movie” – completely different kettle of fish. Check whether Air allows movie uploads

What format is it in?

It may need to be in a .jpeg. If not, PM me and you can send me your picture and I will convert it for you tomorrow through my illustrator program.


Thanks for your reply. The pics are jpeg format. They are very nice panoramic pics I took with the feature on my iphone, however they don’t appear at all as Panoramic on the airbnb website. I will email you the photos shortly.

How can i PM you?? It doesn’t seem to give me an option for messaging privately??