Palm Springs House Host Needed!

With the new ordinances in Palm Springs, Airbnb’s are required to have a live host to greet guests. Anyone have a host or management company that they would recommend? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Best to advertise in YOUR area, not on an international forum…

There is a forum member named A Fine House that has a beautiful rental in Palm Springs. Message her and perhaps ask her.


Hi @Sarahmick feel free to message us. My husband and I run a select management company and would be happy to take a look at yours to see if we can help. We can file your TOT, secure a greeter, along with a menu of items depending on the home and its needs. We are very familiar with the ordinance and attend all the monthly meetings. If you are familiar with the Vacation Rental Department, we have been called “one of the best run homes” that the Director had ever seen. You may take a look at our listing here:

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Hmm, this seemed to work for the OP it looks like she has a good resource to work with here. I have to say I was kinda taken aback by your post, I live an hour from Palm Springs and knew there were hosts on the forum local to PS.



This is not an advertisement. And there are plenty of posts about Palm Springs on here. But thanks for the advice.

Hi there!

Thank you for the reply. Is there a way to contact you? I don’t see an option to message you through Aibnb - maybe I missed it?

Warmly, Sarah

Hello Sarah,

I live in Palm Desert and I have an Airbnb property in Arizona. You could call or text me to discuss your needs if you would like. My number is 760-464-8825.

Thank you

Forum members can message other forum members by clicking on their profile name. To the right there is a message button.

Hi, how can I contact you regarding management in Palm Spring? Thank you

Hi Alexa

My website and email are located under my account. Thanks!