Page views much less than first-page search impressions

I have a listing in the Winter Park CO area where the “Total Page Views” is much less than “Total first-page search impressions” from Dec 19-30.

Total page views: 1536
Total first-page search impressions: 13701

I selected that search timeframe to do some A/B testing on listing changes.

For the 12 days before that period, I see the following which seems more normal:

Total page views: 8430
Total first-page search impressions: 6632

Thoughts? Would this be due to people, for some reason, running searches without dates? It seems like “Total page views” is where dates are entered. I changed the listing title and description only. Not pricing or filter criteria.

It could well be that people who don’t enter dates are browsing rather than actively searching for a place to stay. I would expect there to be more browsing people during the holiday period when people are off work, college or school.

Just a theory… :slight_smile:

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