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Ozone Generator

Hey wanted to share a little machine that I came across recently. We do not allow smoking in any of our properties, but we recently purchased a beach condo and did a renovation on it, the prior owner occupied the condo and apparently chain smoked in there, even the outdoor balcony reeked of smoke. it came furnished, we painted almost every surface, cleaned, sanitized, scrubbed grout and had ducts cleaned, and we would think we got it all and then we would open the door after it was closed up for a few days and the smell was back!!! grrrrr. we always have some test guests before we open up a property to paying guests, so we had a friend of my husband and his wife for 3 nights, and they said that the place was AMAZING, but they picked up a faint smoke smell whenever they entered the property from after being gone for a few hours. hmmm, we then changed curtain rods, and any other little thing that didn’t get changed, and we had dumped the furniture and bought new right after we purchased it so we were at a loss, my brother and sister in law came into town and stayed a couple days and they too could pick up a hint of smoke smell, i was talking with a fried that manages a local hotel and she told me to get an Ozone Machine, so I looked into it and picked one up for around $200. there is some things you have to know when using these thing, you have to take everything living out of the property, even plants, as the machine depletes the oxygen from the property. low and behold we have all but gotten rid of the pesky smoke smell, one more cycle and i think we will be good to go! i will ALWAYS have one of these machines in my possession going forward, for that pesky guest that ignores the no smoking rules. we charge $250 if the property smells like smoke, but with this thing I should be able to mitigate it, provided it isn’t a same day check in, as it is a few hours process.

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Yes, these machines are great. I got one when I got an amazing deal on a car but the previous owner was a smoker. You would never know that someone smoked in my car, but as the poster said, they are very dangerous.

You need a timer and you need to wait after the machine shuts off to enter. Any pets even on another floor or unit could be killed.

Ready instructions carefully and proceed with caution but they really do work.

Next time you paint, use KILZ Mold & Mildew brand primer. It blocks stains, mold, mildew and smoke. Living in the South I’ve used it for years and the primere for every paint job.


We looked into getting an ozone machine a couple of years ago. However, we have hand-painted murals on several walls, and the machines we read about said they could damage them. That’s something to be aware of, in addition to the issues of pets and house plants.

you do have to use care, we use a timer and set it for the lowest time for the job, we would rather repeat the process than overdo it. We make sure that we set the fan on our unit to recirculate, additionally we have individual ducting in our units, separate heat and air units for each individual property. our unit came with a door card warning people to stay our as there is a Ozone unit in operation. we don’t have any pets in the unit, and it is a whole property rental so we do not live there, additionally we dont keep plants in the property, because sometimes people will be in the property for a week or 2 and we cant properly care for plants with guests staying.

KenH we did use the KILZ primer for odors and it helped, but it was I think imbedded in some of the wood that we did not paint, and even scrubbing it with every imaginable cleaner we just couldnt get it out. we purchased a fully furnished condo, but we basically had to take out EVERYTHING, including expensive blinds. i really think it was in the wood on doors and cabinets, which we primed and painted the ones that we could, but even the insides stunk, if we wouldnt have discovered this we would have likely had to pull out the entire kitchen, of which we had just painted, updated knobs and had granite installed, would have been an expensive redo for sure. Living in a hot muggy area, i have even taken this to my accessory office building “the She Shed” and it worked like a charm, I am in South Alabama, and things get stinky with the humid climate.

The smell can last forever—I think. A dear friend was a chain smoker & she smoked in her home. She quit smoking in 2006. Her home still smells of stale cigarette smoke. We took a trip and my SUV smelled of cigarettes for two weeks because she brought an older fabric suitcase. Funny thing—I don’t have an allergic reaction to stale tobacco but when she’s perfumed her house with floral Glade Airfreshner my eyes water and I sneeze.

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Anyone who is wanting more information about smells / use of an ozone generator can see other discussions on the same topic using this link:



100% can vouch for the efficacy of ozone machines!
We bought an 1800 sf house from a family of chain smokers who also owned elderly incontinent cats. I could barely stand to be in it when we first viewed it because of the stench. After tearing out the carpet, we purchased three ozone machines and ran them for several multi-hour stints over the course of a couple weeks (while we were out of the house), and even before any scrubbing or painting they killed a huge chunk of the odor.

We eventually washed all the walls down with TSP, primed with Zinsser shellac, and painted, and the smell is totally gone.

Bonus: great for killing bugs if you’ve got a house in the woods. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Absolutely. It will even get rid of smoke smell after a fire. It’s also non-toxic, food safe and eco-friendly. And made out of cute little bugs. I have painted and repaired extensively and shellac is the best. For everything. There’s even a spray can that’s handy. I’ve also used Kilz extensively but abandoned it after I discovered the power of shellac. It’s truly amazing. As far as Zinsser, I took a couple of classes from him in NY and he was a grumpy bastard, but I highly recommend the book, lol.

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