Oxymoron - Airbnb Customer Service - If you want a chuckle

So today I let a guest cancel because one guest wasn’t fully vaccinated. I fully refunded her. It does bother me because she held up my calendar for 4 days and didn’t answer my query until the 3rd time I asked but I didn’t want to get into a debate with Airbnb again about my rights to deny unvaccinated guests. (I share a common front door and hallway.)

So I agreed to a full refund and here’s what I got from Airbnb (made me laugh).

“However, please do not hesitate to reach out to us when you need our support.
We’re always there to back you up!”

But then to add salt to the wound, I get an email saying

We want to send you a gift.
It was a pleasure supporting you with your recent issue. Thank you for being so great!
Wishing you the best as you continue your hosting journey.

I go to the link (which expires in 7 days) and alas, the gifts are out of stock in the US.

Just makes me shake my head and laugh (it’s better than crying.)

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What were the gifts that are out of stock because Air can’t keep up with their crap CS?

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They sent me a link to thank me for refunding the guest who was about to break my house rules. I don’t think the link is readily available.