OwnerReservations.com vs Lodgify.com

Hi, getting ready to launch my first two units. I will be an out-of-town owner so I’m nervous about setting up as much automation as possible on the booking/inquiries end so I can focus on the ground team performance. Looking at OwnerRez and Lodgify but I’m not sure WHAT I need and what I’m not thinking about so please comment. I think I need:

  • Channel management so I can be on several booking sites plus have my own booking site and a central calendar that will sync with all the site calendars

  • A virtual assistant with scripts to answer questions - what are the questions people mostly ask?

  • What else other than a great cleaning/repairs crew?

  • home insurance for STRs
  • CCTV or similar
  • a local co-host for emergencies, managing cleaning crew, spot checks, local guest inquiries.
  • questions people ask depend on your listing and target customers, you or your co-host answers on a case by case basis. Use templates for your FAQs
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Then You haven’t done your research.




Great Idea, Ownerres will do all that but there is a learning curve. The best CRM is the one you use.

Terrible idea, you do not have the knowledge base to train an assistant, virtual or human.

You need experience, it will come read here ask questions learn all you can.


It totally depends on the listing, the location, the number of guests that can be accomodated, a lot of factors. Guests don’t all ask the same questions- I don’t think a virtual manager for questions would be at all practical. Saved messages are useful for providing directions, sending bus and other transportation information, reiterating house rules and other important information that a host would send to all guests. Specific questions have to be answered on a case-by-case basis.
Besides, guest questions can alert you to the type of guest they’ll be- do they ask a bunch of questions the answers to which can easily be answered if they’d only bothered to read the listing description? Are they asking for special treatment or expecting you to bend your house rules for them? Do they have some legitimate special needs that they need to know if you can accommodate?


Nice way to help someone looking for help.

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