Overthinking a crisis and don't know how to stop

As it dawns on policymakers how much we don’t know and the travel bans and closures keep rolling in I’m wondering if I’m irresponsible to try to stay open during the crisis. I’m increasingly thinking that maybe we will really need to shut things down and people need to quit traveling. In other words, am I contributing to the problem? Or if I shut down do I just send irresponsible guests to stay with irresponsible hosts and accomplish nothing?

In practical terms, I can’t just rent to people who are for example, here for work or in town to visit family.

Asymptomatic people may be spreading the virus.

Countries where it’s under control implemented measures much faster and they are much smaller countries or they are China:

Americans need to cancel their travel plans:


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Don’t you have a separate guest unit attached to your house, @KKC? I would consider staying open if my unit was completely separate, while taking some extra cleaning precautions like wiping down all door handles, light switches, etc, and wearing gloves throughout the whole cleaning process, even when changing laundry, etc. I rent a room in my house and just had my last guest leave with no upcoming bookings, so I blocked my room for the rest of March and April. I’m not going to rely on strangers being responsible enough to cancel if they are symptomatic, and as you said, even asymptomatic people may be contagious. Given the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing and limiting travel, I think we should all reconsider whether it is a wise idea to stay open especially if you don’t rely on the income to pay your bills. But until the government puts a complete ban on travel, people are going to continue doing it for now, at least domestically. Unfortunately there seem to be a lot of selfish people in our country (including guests) who aren’t going to care about the health or safety of other people so just be careful if you decide to continue. Just look at the guy who traveled on JetBlue between Florida and New York, after having been tested a day or two before and he got the results via text message mid-air that he was positive.

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Yes. And I’ve already enhanced my rigorous cleaning routine.

The guy who just left this morning is a truck driver resting for a couple of nights. I get people regularly who are on their way to visit family. I do get a share of road tripper but few people I would call “tourists.” I only get 2 or 3 non Mexican foreigners a year so no worries there.

I have enhanced my cleaning as well, just cleaned both cabins and I feel good that my guests are getting a nice clean place to stay. Following @HH_AZ 's lead I removed all decorative pillows and throws and started swapping out the zippered pillow covers between every guest as well. I am using more bleach, I want the guests to smell it on the sheets and towels, I think they will appreciate it.

I do not think I am part of the problem just by being open for business, my place is cleaner than a hotel, unlike hotels I am washing blankets and comforters between every guest.



I tend to agree with you. And it’s not a matter of how well we clean or whether our listing is a separate dwelling. In order to stop the spread of a virulent pandemic, people simply have to stay put. Not travel. Not go out unless necessary. If you must go out, take precautions. And that is basically what the medical and scientific community is telling everyone.
If everyone on the planet followed that strategy for the next few weeks, the virus would be GONE.


I agree, too. It’s very important.

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And let me add that I have great respect and appreciation for folks on the front line like you and @RobbyG who are taking time from their busy schedules to try to promote best practice and help us all. And there are many millions more across the globe who are on the front line in a war that’s going to kill a lot of people.


I would be willing host guests who pay who are self-quarantining. And I have lowered my prices to my winter rates. When I posted this on another group, people got nasty with me. I personally think I already had the virus so I’m not worried about my health but I am social distancing and quarantined myself when I was sick. It’s a separate unit but we do share a front door. I’ve instituted a new cleaning protocol that takes twice the amount of time to clean and disinfect. Added disinfectant to my laundry and have wipes at the front door.

Part of my New thank you for booking message:

We also want to let you know that we are going the extra mile in sanitizing the suite. All white linens are washed in hot water and bleach, colored bedding is now washed with Lysol free and clear sanitizer, all mattress pads, pillow protectors, bath mats are washed after ever visit and before we even begin our normal cleaning, we spray all hard surfaces with Lysol free and clear disinfectant.

I woke up to a 3 night booking starting today. The man’s daughter is in the hospital down the street from here. She was in an auto accident.

Good luck. That’s so sad.

I hope she will recover. My prices are lowered already but I will be offering him a discount if he needs to extend.

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I just cancelled a reservation and I am glad I did. I gave him 12 hours warning that it would happen, and told him how to book a more appropriate stay (i.e., a stand alone accommodation). He has over 2 weeks to find an alternative. Despite this, he is whining like a 2 year old.

Bullet dodged.

It’s your call. There were too many risk to high risk types in this home stay to take a chance. Your situation may be entirely different.

Yes I have a single room separated from me, know the proper cleaning protocol and though I’m 62 I’m very healthy.

I’m not going to stop for now but I feel that soon it may be out of my hands.

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Wow. He sounds like a prize. My guests coming this Thursday just canceled due to “CV in my town” and I informed them that while that gives them cause, there are NO cases withing 25 miles of my town.

100% refund, 10% discount offer sent.

Doing the right thing sometimes is annoying. I need a margarita