Overall rating have a real sting!

Two recent guests left lower ratings than usual, both of these were here for work, one them stayed twice. He left one 3 star overall review ( because I asked him to pay for the extra guest when he booked for 3 not 4) and another left a four star (it was his work crew - he did not actually stay himself).
I had a rating of 98%, now dropped to 88%. That is TWO reviews, on 70 reviews!
God knows how long it will take me to climb back up again.
Sigh …two reviews…getting over the whole review bit! :frowning:

Don’t worry @Debthecat , there will always be those who gives 3s and 4s. The numbers all even out in the wash…

So someone who made a third party booking left you a review? Without even staying himself? That’s pants!

As for the other one, this sounds like a revenge review. What a tosser.

My Tourettes is kicking in…


NEVER allow third-party bookings!! Did you not understand that part of being a host on AirBnb? They can drop you like a hot rock for violating your Terms of Service. If something goes bad, you have no support from them.

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It was a business booking - those are allowed

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It’s my understanding you can have that removed. That happened to me once. Someone who never stayed wrote the review. I called ABB and they had it removed. However, they told me the star rating could not be removed, just the written review. So that won’t help you much.

They are changing the Superhost program April 2018, making it more difficult. Instead of 80% 5 star reviews, you need to get a 4.8 out of 5, along with other criteria. If you look under “Opportunities” on your listing, it tells you your progress. Here’s ours as an example;

What you’re doing well
Requirement You Target
Overall rating (after April, you’ll be measured on this)
5.0 4.8
5-star reviews (effective through the April assessment)
99% 80%
Response rate 100% 90%
Cancellations 0/yr 0/yr
Trips hosted 137 10
Trips reviewed 87% 50%

So virtually every guest has to give you 5 stars.
If you can, be sure to tune in for a livestreamed Host Q&A on Tuesday, Feb 27, 10-11 am PST.
Here’s the link; https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Community-Center/ct-p/community-center

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Yep. At around the 300 review mark two 4 stars in a row dropped me a percentage point.

I think you are right (as posted elsewhere) that they are completely comfortable with pushing old hosts and old ways of doing things off the platform. Forget air mattresses and bagels with shared bathroom. That’s 3 star. And the 4.5 star accomodations drop in search, get no bookings and leave the platform. At the same time they change cancellation policies and raise fees. Established hosts get grandfathered but new hosts who have never had it any other way don’t mind.

Maybe a new start up will come along and try to make the old model work.

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Why I am
Not surprised. We are in peak season now and my prices on weekends are high from usual rate. 50% of guests already gave me lower rating without any reason at all . No, there is a reason: because they think they paid a lot . Never mind that they still paid at least half of the cheapest hotel in the whole South Florida.
And I also had once 3* from third party. He sent me very bad guests and they started to piss me off from the moment they entered the house . I sent him
A message to get control of them since they ignore me completely or I will kick them out. He was very polite in answering but then gave me 3*.

With new requirement soon no one will be super host anyway. And don’t worry so much about it, it’s just a few people .

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