Outline of body on sheets

Dear Fellow Hosts,
I haven’t posted any questions in a while but today I’m facing a conundrum and I need your guidance, please.
I generally use white sheets; I noticed my last guest left an imprint of his body on the sheet so that the an area of the white sheet looks gray and dingy where I presume the guest slept. I met the guest, he didn’t smell or look like someone who didn’t shower. Is it possible that the greyish discoloration is sweat or body oils? He was a hairy guy, not sure if it makes a difference (chest and back hair). Laundry has been sitting in the washer for hours with bleach, vinegar, detergent and a squirt of dish detergent. I will know in a while if the sheets have returned to white. Any thoughts, suggestions or similar experiences?

In our place there have been issues with people using white sheets and towels to suntan after applying sun tanning lotions that stained said towels and linens, hence the management switched to colored sheets. I was super sure I’d have all white sheets, but I can see the point in switching to colored linens.

The time I had some dingy sheets I had to wash them twice. I used Genesis 950 on the stained area which was caused by tattoo ink.

I’ve used both white and colored sheets and I prefer white, even if I have to toss them and buy new ones. Yes things show up more on white sheets, including hair or any little dark dot that might be a bedbug and I want to see them. I also use lint rollers. I roll them both before and after washing and drying. I almost always find a few hairs on them even after they are washed and dried. I would hate for someone to slip into bed, pull the sheet up and see a hair on the sheet. I’ve also found that since I got bright overhead lights I am finding more hair. My 4s on cleanliness were all pre lights and rollers. LOL.


You go on hair hunt every time you do a load of laundry! :joy:

Weird that it was grey, fake tan is usually brownish. I’m trying to imagine some fetish that would cause him to cover his body with charcoal … If he was hairy could he have been dyeing his body hair??

I sometimes feel I have to apologise to hosts for my husband’s bedtime activities … he’s very clean - but he fights with his sheets every night. My side is beautifully smooth as I sleep my quiet sleep with my peaceful dreams, his looks as if he’s gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson every night - and lost!

Oddly enough he’s not quite so bad when we’re away on our Cape Town visits. Less stress? Better mattress? tighter fitted sheets? I wish I knew the answer …

OxyClean is your answer, though …

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It sounds like the Shroud of Turin has been slipped into your listing? :grin:


Yes, it’s fantastic.

Me too. I admit to getting mildly grumpy when people say ‘use [whatever] because it doesn’t show the dirt/stains.’ Sorry but if there is dirt or if there are stains, I want to see them.

People think I’m nuts because my own kitchen has white cabinet doors, white worktops, white appliances … but that’s the way I prefer it to be. If there are marks or stains, I really want to see them. :slight_smile: