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Outhouse or Porta-Potty for my Castle

In Europe it’s common to trudge up several narrow flights of stairs with luggage to get to your room. The reward is not only is there a toilet, but shower and sink. Not having water close at hand is a problem IMO.

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Since there’s no bathroom, where would guests shower? Would they have access to your home in order to take showers? Instead of renting out to house guests why not rent out vendors; clothing boutique, book store, antique shop? Each level would be a different vendor. You can build a separate bath house with several shower stalls, sinks and toilets.

I apologize as this is my first time posting and I realize I was not perfectly clear. The castle has three (3) full bathrooms. One in the Lower Level, One on the Main Hall Floor and One in the Master. It’s just the Tower that doesn’t have facilities.
After reading the comments, I think it is best to limit our guests to 6 as each two person grouping would have their own designated bathroom.
The third floor of the tower used to be a children’s bedroom with beds built up off the ceiling like suspended bunk-type beds. It’s a shame not to make use of that fun room - but again difficult to think of the little ones making their way to the toilet at night. Although - it should be noted that this castle has ALWAYS been a home and children have used those rooms as bedrooms since at least the early 1970’s.
I don’t have a picture of the spiral staircase but will post one as soon as I do.
Thank you everyone for all the input. Lots of thought for folly.
Regards, Joy


You didn’t say whether you are planning to rent rooms separately or rent the whole place to a single group. I think renting rooms separately would be extremely problematic, but renting the entire place to groups might be feasible. Looking at a photo of one of the bedrooms, you could probably add a small commode room with a toilet and sink in every bedroom and route the plumbing down one of the corners of the stairwell. However, there doesn’t appear to be room for a shower, which means you’d need at least two more bathrooms with showers available in the listing. [Edit: you posted while I was typing and said the place does have the additional bathrooms with shower/bathtub]

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The staircase is partially visible through the door in this photo:

Yes - We would rent the entire castle to a group.
We are scratching our heads dreaming of plumbing possibilities - but the walls are solid stone 3 feet thick and it all gets problematic.

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I have twice stayed in the room at the top of the tower in this castle and loved it, so I see the attraction of guests wanting to stay in the tower bedrooms.

Interestingly, we paid $68/night in June 2000, and $235/night in June 2010. We were planning our 3rd stay in June 2020 where the price was going to be around $300/night, but the pandemic had other plans.


vid of the inside


Before Covid, and when I was in high tech, we would often look for unique venues to have a team meeting. I can see younger people (than many of us here) being able to sleep upstairs and not having to run down for a potty break.

Our team meetings went for up to four days, not including travel time. Wonder if big biz does that anymore?

I was actually thinking of that- market it as a Game of Thrones experience, and they certainly didn’t have indoor bathrooms with modern plumbing. But can you imagine Airbnb guests carrying the full chamber pot down the stairs to empty? Of course, going with true period realism, they would just dump it out the window :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Really ? Not in places I have stayed, my home. My families places or the property of anyone I know in Europe :grin::grin::grin:

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Lots of small hotels/3 story old houses in France about 10 years ago were like that, none of these on Airbnb.
I thought of France as land of the winding staircases.
Three years ago stayed in mostly Airs in France including one in Paris with a narrow winding staircase up 3 flights. I was afraid of the tiny elevator that had been installed, barely would hold one person.

Edit. Was just going down memory lane on my stay in Paris in 2017 to see this Air is still going in the 5th arrondissement in Paris and it wasn’t 3 floors, it was five. A huffer with luggage. If I’d wanted to take luggage up the elevator it would have to go without me, smallest thing I’ve ever seen.

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The thing is, that we Europeans don’t find stairs are a problem. I couldn’t believe it a few years ago when I saw a newly built three storey house in South Florida that had an elevator. I’d never come across such a thing before.

I don’t have a problem with stairs, yet. To me it adds to the charm of old architecture which I love.
I have seen one elevator in a three story house where a friend’s sister was staying. She would have had a hard time with 3 flights of stairs.
Think in the Outer Banks in NC lots of the monster houses that are built for 12-20 people have elevators. Just know that from searching for a place to stay with a couple others, not 15.
Given a choice, I take the stairs.

Can you build a separate tower with plumbing off of the off side of the stone tower? Maybe add some steps on the inside and the window already there is the doorway to the ramp/ bridge to the multi-level facilities?

Otherwise I would go with a composting incinerator toilet. I have heard Natures Head is a good brand from our vintage trailer guru.

I know several people who will use the elevator when they’re just going up one floor. One of them is my other half or as I often call him, my other two-thirds - which I think makes my point. :rofl:


If you are renting the whole thing and only have the bathrooms in the castle available easily the groups will no doubt put their stair avoidant, fussier members in the castle and let their more adventurous members use the tower. If the tower guests have a choice of compacting toilet or going into the castle, some will and the compacting toilets will get less use.

North Americans (Mexico excluded) are by and large lazy and are big on efficiency and convenience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

They’ll drive 2 blocks to the store instead of walking, they think every bedroom needs its own bathroom, plus a powder room for visitors, that the master bath needs 2 sinks. Giant walk-in closets an entire 3rd world family could live in and feel it was spacious. They use time saving devices, then have to go to the gym to work out because they don’t get enough exercise. They walk around indoors in shorts and tank tops in the winter and just turn up the heat.

There are so many ancient buildings still in use in Europe that it’s understandable that they would be used to climbing stairs, sharing bathrooms, putting on a heavy sweater in the winter and it being hot in the summer, etc. and find it normal. The “New World” has much fewer old dwellings that people still live in, everything is modern compared to Europe.


I once knew a woman who went to the gym regularly and while she was there, she paid someone to clean her house.

I could never understand why she didn’t get the exercise cleaning her house herself.


When I lived in Canada, I had a push mower for my smallish yard. It’s a great workout- you can feel your arm, leg and stomach muscles working. Everyone else used an electric or gas mower.

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