Out of the game for a while... :(

Well, I guess I’m taking a host vacation for a while. A tree fell on our AirBnB last night, going straight through part of the master bedroom ceiling, leaving water to pour in all night. (Luckily we didn’t have any guests last night!!) Based on the age of the house and the amount of visible damage, I would guess the house will be a total loss. I’m waiting for the insurance adjuster to contact me so that I can get started with cleanup. So frustrating.

Just a rant/whine. Although if anyone else here has Foremost STR insurance, I’d love to hear your experience on the claims process.

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Nooooo. Really sorry to hear that - very best of luck to you with the rebuild.

Oh, no. That really sucks, sorry to read this. Please do keep us updated with how it goes. I’m sure we’re all happy to chime in with advice and maybe some encouragement along the way.

Thanks, guys. We just bought this house this past summer and have put SO much work into it. So frustrating. :frowning:

I am so sorry. I am very glad that no one was in the house. Have you told Airbnb yet? They were very helpful to me when I had a maintenance problem and they re-homed my bookings with no penalties. Of course my situation was not as serious as yours but the bottom line is they helped my guests


I just temporarily deactivated my listing. Luckily, we just had a longer-stay guest check out, so I didn’t have anything on the calendar. (We usually get a lot of last-minute bookings because we’re not a vacation destination.) So thankfully, I don’t have to cancel any reservations.


Might want to let them now what the deal is in case this affects Superhost status. That is, if you have that.

Sorry about the catastrophe!


So Sorry to hear of this calamity. Are you in the Seattle area?? Good luck and rebuild with patience and thought whenever possible!

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So sorry to hear about this. Glad that your place was vacant. Hopefully the insurance claim goes smoothly for you.

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Yep! Crazy storms here last night!

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Sudden destructive force. I read about it but could not find how strong the winds were. Around here, at the dry time of the year, + high winds, we end up with Woolsey fire!!! Awesomely Terrible wrath of nature, we humans just watch with jaws dropped.

So sorry to hear this, ugh! I hope the repair process goes quickly.

Have receipts ready to show the adjuster the cost of all those repairs and your work. Photos would also be a good idea.
For a dozen years I was an insurance adjuster–too OLD now!

I am very sorry to hear this, and relieved that no one was hurt.

I am very sorry for your troubles over this and I wouldn’t assume it’s a “total loss” - it’s not a car. If houses can be built they can be fixed. But look on the slightly bright side - you are SO LUCKY someone was not in the rental. Aside from the fact that no one was hurt - you, a guest, a cleaning person, a neighbor, anyone - you could have lost everything - or at least spend a lot of money defending yourself in a law suit.


It’s a mobile home. Not so easy to repair. But yes, we are incredibly lucky that this tree didn’t come down in our last big wind storm a few weeks ago when we had guests there!

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Give that storm 1 star and a bad review for trashing the place. :slight_smile:
Very sorry, @jkamm. Hope things go well with insurance.