Our listing appearing on Trivago (and potentially other comparison sites)

While searching for accomodation for our own forthcoming trip on Trivago, I noticed STRs were returned in the results alongside hotels. The brands included were Airbnb and Home Away (with Expedia listed separately).

I didn’t know Trivago did this. Curious, I searched our own (much smaller) city - STRs were also returned including our own! I checked a few date ranges and it was returned each time. When did this start?

The Trivago results showed our listing via HomeAway but didn’t include the Airbnb listing, either separately or as another ‘deal’. As a result, we’ve no reviews shown on Trivago whereas it would have been preferable to have the 10/10 and 130+ reviews from Airbnb. I think this, at least in part, explains the modest boom in HomeAway bookings. We’re happy to get bookings away from Airbnb but we would compete better with the Airbnb rankings, so we’re conflicted on it.

Has anyone else noticed their listing and any indescrepancies such as this?

I wonder if that explains delayed payouts. If Airbnb is listing properties on other platforms that might cause delays in payout. I have had a delay in payout for over a week. The rep said it 's because of a newly implemented payout system and said payouts would be delayed. I’m curious so I’m going to search my rental place on other platforms.

I don’t think there’s necessarily a connection with delayed payments. Trivago is not a platform where you can book directly, rather it is a comparison site that links to the booking site to complete the purchase.

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