Our first famous guest! OMG so cool

I’m sure there are many celebs who would love to just be treated like regular folk and not be stalked by paparrazi and fans all the time. Fans often claim they “love” a certain artist/celeb but have a strange way of showing it. Thanks for giving him a safe space.


That top model I mentioned my daughter had spent some time with told her she regularly slops down to her corner Starbucks in the morning, in her pajamas, hair a bed-head mess, no make-up, and no one recognizes her.

A lot of these celebrities don’t really look in real life like they do on screen or in magazine photos, where they’re all made up and airbrushed. They have blemishes, get zits, etc, just like everyone. And some actors you might assume are tall, are actually about 5’ 5".


On the topic of famous guests, I have a dog products customer named Sandra Bullock.

Not that one.


How do you find reviews of the guests? I am so new we have reservations piling up but no stays yet (I blocked a few weeks to give us time to finish ‘fluffing the place up’ and getting it ready). I know that I’m supposed to screen requests but I have no idea how to. Some people mentioned asking questions. Some mentioned sending a contract or at least a list of rules to agree to. Could I get some samples of questions, contracts, rules? We have a river at the bottom of some stairs. Should that be mentioned under ‘maybe not safe for younger children’?

Hi and welcome to the forum.
You need to respond to a few posts before you can post a new topic, adding to a thread that has no reference to your query may not get it seen.
You have lots of reading to do!
I would post one question at a time so it doesn’t get confusing.
Re children - in your booking setting I would click on - No children under 12 and not suitable for infants

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Thank you Debthecat! I have so much to learn

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regarding guests previous reviews. click on the photo and then scroll down - reviews are clickable - you see the star rating, the guest doesn’t - they only see what is written.

Is there a photo of the prospective guest in the request e? I haven’t seen one. If there is no photo, is there something else I can click on? I have tried clicking on their name but it didn’t do anything.

Photos are hidden until after a booking is confirmed. What you should see on a request is a circle with a letter in it, or a grey silouette. You click on that and it will take you to the guest’s profile page.

Thanks. I’ll try that next time. I have already accepted it so I guess it is still no longer a booking request.

HI @RockHouse. I found this useful in the beginning. I believe the admins can tweak the parameters but this site looks to operate pretty close to the default Discourse model (BTW, this link was obtained w/i this website under “Badges”)


Once you get to Trust Level 1 you’ll be able to start a new topic. Here’s a snippet…

Discourse offers five user trust levels. Your current trust level is visible on your user page, and a summary of all trust levels within your community is presented on your dashboard.

How do users learn about the trust system?

  • Every new user gets a welcome PM mentioning the trust system and linking to this blog post, explaining that new users may be temporarily limited for safety reasons. They are also invited to start an optional interactive training conversation with discobot.
  • Upon transition to trust level 1, users are sent a congratulatory PM which also links to this blog post and invites the user to fill out their user profile, or start a new topic.
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But you can still look at their reviews and you should.

Get the “airreview extension” for your browser. You will be able to see the reviews the Guest has written for other hosts.

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Thank you, Deb! I have done some conversations with the bot and got as far as writing the profile and, I think, including a picture. I think I will call it a day for now and try to do some more tomorrow! Thanks again!

Lol! You’re welcome :wink:

On the other hand, some want the attention. My sister in law years ago was dining in Sun Valley and a famous couple was sitting across from them . She wasn’t much of a TV watcher but her date knew who they were and the male was obviously trying to get attention and loving it.

One of my first guest sent me his website as a reference. Turned out he was this gorgeous model actor who had been on the cover of several men fitness magazine. Eye candy was very welcomed that week. Lol And he was genuinely super nice.

I used to work for a little chain music store in Florida called Spec’s Music. We had several famous band members stop into our stores in Lakeland while there to give concerts.

One day, Patty Smyth came in, just in running capris and a tank top, and came to the counter along with everyone else to buy her things. No one had recognized her, but when she gave me her card which, being the '80s we still ran with the impression machine, I read it and showed it quietly to my co-worker behind and below the counter. I was discreet, but she noticed and quickly slipped on her sunglasses. I didn’t say anything to her except for “Sign here, please,” and, “Thanks for shopping at Spec’s”.

David Lee Roth stopped in just as one of our other stores was closing one night, and they spent about an hour with him playing records and having a great time talking to him. He was a super guy and bought quite a few records that night. I was sad to miss that one!

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@mountaingen A friend of mine was driving from Canada down to my town in Mexico. She was young and cute and travelling alone. Her truck broke down in a town that is considered to be rather dangerous- cartel territory.

She ended up at a gas station, with 4 guys looking under the hood of her truck trying to figure out what was wrong. It was almost dark and she was getting scared, the only woman in sight with all these strange men. They finally figured out what was wrong, but said they needed a part they wouldn’t be able to get and install until the next morning.

They directed her to a hotel down the block, said it was nice. So she went there, went into the restaurant/bar and ordered a drink. Then she noticed that the place was filled with incredibly good-looking men. Lots and lots of them.

Come to find out, the hotel was hosting the Mexican male model contest that night. She said most of them were obviously gay, but it was great eye candy nonetheless and she really enjoyed it.

Her truck was fixed and ready to go when she went back for it the next morning.


One of our guests is on the cover of Playboy South Africa, October this year

We went to a play written by Tim Robbins and my Mom sat next to him in the audience. We were nearby, she was clueless even then<><>