Our First AWFUL Experience With Disgusting Guests

I am mostly angry with myself for not trusting my gut from the beginning of this disaster scenario when I kept telling myself to deny these guests because something wasn’t right. I will try to make it quick because I am so pi$$ed and need to get busy cleaning up this awful mess. My questions from you are, what do I do with Airbnb about filing a claim for bed sheets and a mattress? If someone could perfectly outline the steps that would be great. I am also including some photos for your entertainment.

Before Thanksgiving we received a email through our website, outside of Airbnb from guests having trouble booking on Air. We emailed them the phone number to Air and never heard back.

A week later, someone showed up at my farm and said he was the one having the issues booking. We have no idea how he found our home address because we do not list it anywhere publicly. The only way would have had to have been asking a post office employee or looking at property tax records. (we are a very small town).

He said they weren’t actually having trouble, but needed to be discreet and wanted to pay cash but Airbnb forces you to use a credit card. I told him that we absolutely do not accept bookings outside of Airbnb and he would need to figure it out with them. He walked around my farm for 20 minutes and finally left and I expected to never hear from them again.

We were down in DC for Thanksgiving and sure enough they finally put through a booking request. My gut kept saying no no no, but the woman had already booked plane tickets and I was feeling guilty, so I asked her to confirm she read all the rules and she replied that she agreed, so we accepted.

They showed up Friday night, and we allowed them to do a self check-in as we don’t greet guests in the evening once we settle into our home. (This is regarding our guest house which is on our farm, a few hundred feet from our home). They didn’t leave the house for 2 days so we didn’t get the chance to even meet them or say hello.

Today was check-out and I received a text asking permission to stay an hour late so they could walk the property and enjoy the snow. I said that they could stay 1 extra hour. They then decided to stay inside for 1.5 hours after check out time, and then proceeded to walk around my farm for another 30 minutes.

When I went inside the first thing I noticed was the smell of filth in the air. Like rotting food and sweat. The livingroom sliding door curtains were apparently removed and then put back on incorrectly so they were hanging off.

The bedroom had wetness all over the floor, and the bed itself was filled with soaking wet towels, and the sheets were covered in sticky liquid, and blood. The liquid went through and is no on the top of my memory foam mattress.

The bathroom floor had towels all over it, all soaking wet, with grape stems all over the floor and in the tub. Everything in the bathroom was wet, including the curtains and walls.

The kitchen had dirty dishes in the sink and there was food and crumbs all over the counters and floors.

This is just what I am seeing right now and I haven’t even gone in to have it cleaned yet. I am so appalled and shocked that they would do this and I can’t believe I fell for it. This was a complete abuse of our hospitality and I am so beyond angry.

What do I do with Air and how do I proceed? I need to make sure I am covered for a new mattress, sheets, and the amount of money it will cost for an extensive cleaning. I am sure there will be a lot more wrong with it once I go in and get through it but I am so angry I don’t think I am going to do it today.

Sorry this happened to you.

First, I think you need more pictures because these just don’t look that bad. The towels and bathroom don’t even look wet. The sheet doesn’t either. People bleed, people get out of the shower wet and have have sex on the floor or on the bed. So make sure you get more pictures before you do any clean up.

I’ve never had to make this sort of claim so I won’t try to advise you there.

Obviously you’ll leave a proper review as well. I look forward to hearing about the resolution.

And get a mattress protector because if Airbnb pays for this one it will probably be the only time. This is the one I got and I like it.


I had that exact mattress protector on the mattress and they peeled it up, so it was no longer on the bed when I went in. I will take more photos. I understand people have sex, blah blah, but they trashed my entire house. The bathroom was soaked, the grout was all still wet and the towels that were most wet were not in the photos.

I am certainly writing a review but if they don’t pay for a new mattress I am going to flip.

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Ugh, that sucks.
I also advise you to take more pictures and a video and report it to airbnb asap. I’ve only had to request extra money from a guest who smoked, and since that can’t be shown in pictures I just requested it in an itemized form; example I requested a official looking document from my cleaner for “smoke removal clean” and submitted that receipt. I took the curtains to the dry cleaner and submitted that receipt and I bought new sheets and submitted that. The guest admitted to smoking and paid the extra fee.
Good luck!


Sorry to hear this Legends.

Has someone in this group stayed before? Was it you (maybe another forum member) who had someone doing weird things from the ceiling and washed linens, etc. before they left. Two prostitutes?

I would see if you can find anything out about the guy who wanted to be discreet. See if you can find out his full name, possibly his address, where he works, etc. You may need this info later if the woman refuses to be cooperative.

I wish I could help about the proper filing procedure…but I don’t know and would not want to give you incorrect advice.

Cabinhost, yes that happened previously through VRBO with those 2 people I thought were prostitutes. I haven’t used VRBO since because they don’t do verification.

As for these guests. I have surveillance video of his truck, license plate number and both of them going in on Friday and leaving today. I don’t really care why they wanted to be discreet, probably cheating on their spouses, but I honestly didn’t expect them to trash my house. When I talked to the guy previously he seemed like a nice, normal person.

Legends, I am so sorry. There were so many red flags with this one but live and learn. I would have been freaked to have them just show up! Yikes!

But to your question… You need to file a claim with the resolution center. Think of it like going to small claims court. You have to upload all the documentation, plus the cost of replacement or repairs. We have heard sometimes they will pay for cleaning and sometimes not. But it s worth a try. You do have to get an estimate for that, and don’t wait. You have only a short time to make a claim or lose out.

You have to confront the guest first with what they did. They will either accept or deny the claim. Most deny. In that case Air will be judge Judy and adjudicate.

I don’t think the wet conditions will matter unless there was water damage.

You should ask for a replacement of mattress, pad, linens and whatever else was actually damaged. Get an estimate for the door repair.

You don’t have time to waste. I think the period is only 48 hours. You may also want to open a case with Air. If you do leave a review, try to wait until the end of the review period. For a number of reasons, which have been discussed here ad infititum.

Again, so sorry, Legends… You are a great host with a beautiful home…you don’t deserve it. Hugs.


Glad to hear you have his license and surveillance video, etc. If he is local and the guest refuses to pay…then you can possibly email him to let him know that you will be persuing this through the courts.

… or contacting his wife.


I am going to go split some firewood and try to calm down, then go in to clean everything so I can get a complete picture of the damages and filth.

Smtucker, oh how much I would love to do something like that but I am sure there is something in Airbnb policy saying I can’t violate guests privacy. I would probably be the one to end up losing my Air account if I did something like that. haha.


Good idea! In which you will also need all the documentation!

Oh, man, I’m so sorry you had this happen. What a rough fall you guys have had.

They peeled back the mattress protector? What the what?

I don’t have any advice - just wanted to say I’m sorry it happened.

Wow. That’s crazy. This one zips over the whole mattress, then I have a polyfill elastic edged one over that, then the top fitted sheet. I’d be so upset if my nice comfy Nest mattress got ruined.

Hi LegandsCreek,

I’m so sorry this happened to you. You’re such a nice guy; you deserve only great guests. I once had to put in a claim for a mattress as the guest peed on it, turned it over and peed on the other side. It was the Tuft & Needle mattress we received for free thanks to this forum. We put in a claim through the Resolution Center. I attached the link to the Tuft & Needle website so that whoever was handling the case could see that I was requesting the exact amount the mattress cost. Fortunately, in my case the guest accepted the charge.

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@LegendsCreek. Seriously, I am really, really sorry that these ugly people came into your life. It was just my evil side that suggested the wife… but you know, one can hold that card. Wood splitting will release the anger, and then document, document, document. The pictures that you posted are not horrifying enough.


I 100000% know how you are feeling, as we have walked into our flat after a disrespectful guest and it is beyond jarring. Given I have had the unpleasant task of dealing with the resolution a lot over the summer, I fully agree with K9, those photos don’t look too terrible.

To make the process less stressful let me tell you, ABB does not care that the guests were disrespectful, they only care about physical damage. You need to present the Worst of the Worst photos to ABB via the resolution center. They will most likely tell you the sheets can be washed, so take before an after washing photos, to prove the stains will not come out. Also, every single item you claim take a screen shot of an similiar item online with the price, and when they ask ‘how old’ I would say 1 year or less. As for the ‘extra cleaning’ you will no doubt want to charge, make sure there is a proper invoice created with Company Name, Address, Phone, Email, and detailed description of scope of work. The INVOICE is key to getting paid for extra cleaning.

Good Luck


I just finished doing a “quick” cleaning in the house just so I could go over everything. I vacuumed and scrubbed the bathroom floors and walls, toilet and shower. It was so bad. I have had elderly people and kids and never has it been so gross. I am certain they had sex and lived in squalor for 2 days in my house.

I can’t believe the amount of filth that came off the floor. I filled a vacuum, even though I have a house rule that asks to take shoes off in the mud room when entering, there was mud everywhere.

They did however leave me with a freezer full of frozen Great Value breakfast sandwiches and Chimichanga’s so I am thank them for their generosity.

Anyone remember from Downton Abbey when poor Ms. Patmore got her house labeled as a “house of ill repute” ? Well I feel like this is going to happen to me.

I don’t care about people having sex, but don’t be filthy animals in someone else’s house. This is not a hotel, its my home. My bathroom window is on the second floor of my house, and faces out to a clear viewing of the dining room in the guest house. Last night when I got up in the middle of the night I glanced over and saw the man, full frontal naked carrying 2 mugs toward the bedroom, with all the lights on and curtains fully open. I guess I knew what to expect when I went in there this morning but I am still shocked.

I didn’t get the chance to make sure nothing is broken tonight but I will first thing tomorrow. I would kill for a cocktail right now but I promised to take a break from drinking for a little while. LOL. Kill me with a knife.

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I am so sorry to hear that this has happened.

Before you go for that virgin cocktail flag with BNB so you are within the 48 hour limit,

They will ask you to resolve with the guests first and if the guests refuse to accept they did this/pay for the damages - then they will arbitrate.

I have heard that this can be a difficult process for hosts so I wish the ‘best of British’.

Someone puked on one of the new beds I had. AirBnB paid the entire $800 (I guess taking it from them) even though the deposit was only $300. I say in my house rules “You are responsible for any damage past the $300 deposit” AirBnB said because that was in my house rules, I was covered.


I think even if you don’t have the deposit you are covered whether you say so or not. Every case is individual.