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Other sharing economy sites


Hi everyone,

Just wondering is anyone using other sharing economy sites? I’m on pawshake and also liftshare in the UK, I’ve used justpark for parking at airports too. Justpark has saved us lots of money and I’ve been on pawshake a while now and had a few requests but none have been suitable.



i’m gonna list my car on relayrides. i don’t really drive very far on weekends ever and i’m about to buy a scooter for my own use. may as well get some extra income with my car sitting in the driveway saturday, sunday and monday. i’m gonna check out justpark. that sounds great!


rented. is another great sharing economy option - especially if you own an Airbnb.

Apart from that, I use Lyft, RelayRides, and Uber a ton. I’m also a huge fan of the delivery services like PostMates and Instacart.


PostMates cool idea - don’t think its in the UK yet though :frowning:

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