Other sales channels?


Do you use other platforms besides airbnb, such as flipkey or homeaway? My wife and I travel often and the supply and prices can vary quite a lot, so many times I end up booking on other sites as well. However, airbnb usually has the best reviews in terms of quantity and quality so it often feels safer to book there.

Is it worth listing the rental on other platforms?

Thank you Billy Bob for the good reply! First of all, I’m a fellow host and I’m also looking to slip your service into our operations, just like many other hosts at the moment. I have two properties in Europe and am considering getting one in America at the moment.

That’s great and highly respectable. Personally I know that if I lay my hands on a broken pipe or noisy fridge, it will only get worse. Not to mention that I’m traveling all the time. That’s why I use a reliable network of help.

Thank you for the honesty! Do you think all services offering price indications lower the rates? Have you tried any besides AirBnB’s own tool? Regarding exceedingly long paragraphs, I have the same problem myself when I get excited.

BBM, Could not agree with you more. I have many years successfully listing with other sites so I sort of know what I am doing. After signing up and before getting a reservation Airbnb’s suggested pricing was less than half of my actual price. Since then, after a full price reservation, they are about 2/3’s of my actual price. This is not rocket science, you cannot make up a loss on every reservation with more volume. No listing site really cares if you make anything or not and I suspect a lot of people cannot really tell if they make more than they spend or not because of poor record keeping.

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