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Orthodox neighborhood?


I’ve been asked if my neighborhood has temples and kosher restaurants - he wants to stay in unorthodox area.

It doesn’t - it is actually about a mile away what he is seeking.

I don’t participate in questions about the ethnographiy of my neighborhood. I also think we are also not allowed to. Isn’t it on him to this research?

“I wanted to know if there were lots of kosher restraunts and synagogs in the area–I am religious and want to stay in one of the areas close to the religious Jewish community.”

what are your thoughts forum?


I can’t tell where he wants to stay but regardless you can just answer that you don’t know and leave it to him to figure out. If he zooms in on the map he can get a very, very good idea of your exact location and then research from there.


I find the OPs position on this odd. Either your neighborhood has kosher restaurants and synagogues or it doesn’t. You clearly know the answer. Not answering the questions seems very inhospitable to me. What is wrong with simply saying, “My property is about a mile away from kosher restaurants and synagogues.”


Yes that is what i was this thinking.


I guess i’m just be careful when he says he wants to stay in the religious jewish community. I wouldn’t answer if someone said they want to stay in a white or black community. I’m not trying to be difficult, just thoughtful.


It seems like a very straightforward question on the guest’s part. If they are observant they can’t drive or take transportation on Shabbat. If synagogues and kosher restaurants are a mile away, that will answer their question without specifically labeling your neighborhood as an Orthodox or Not-Orthodox neighborhood.


I have to agree with @CatskillsGrrl. Imagine if the question was “I only eat vegan food. Is there a vegan restaurant within a 1/4 mile walk?” or “I run at least 6 miles a day. Are there safe places to run in your neighborhood?” or “Is there a Catholic church within walking distance?” These questions, I would answer in a heartbeat. Given the size of the area bubble that AirBNB gives potential guests, I think this type of location question is perfectly reasonable. It isn’t really a religious question, but a location/proximity one.


I would even answer this question. Someone may want to experience the black or white culture in a neighborhood. Or maybe they are racist…even so I’d still answer honestly. Better they inquire first, rather than Instant book, show up, and make some excuse to get out of the reservation with a refund.


I know realtors are held to different standards of “steering.” I do not know the latest laws. But a while back I read where they couldn’t answer certain questions and basically would need to direct the client to where they could research the neighborhoods on their own. Then later I read that some of those laws were relaxed, and as long as the client was the one asking directly then the realtor could share the info. However, that may vary by FHA laws per state. I really don’t know.


Yes “Steering" is illegal. My first instinct was to answer his questions. But maybe I was trying to be overly careful. So that is why i posed the question here.


I get asked how far I am away from the ski resort, not sure that is any different.

Strikes me as lazy because they could very easily look it up. Sort of assume they often have sent the same message as a cut and paste to multiple hosts.

If they asked me this I would not have a clue and would say so.


How? They don’t have the address yet. Since an orthodox Jew would not be driving to Shabbat services, a 1/4 mile can make a large difference in the walkability factor for any number of people.


Put the name of my town and the ski resort they want to go to in Google Maps and bingo.

I show my exact location, 1/4 mile would take you from one end of town to the other.


It’s a fair question. I wouldn’t be afraid of answering it. It’s either orthodox or it isn’t. So it’s pretty much yes or no questions.


You mean he wants to stay in an orthodox area.


I once lived for 6 months in Brookline in Boston. I am not sure you’d describe it as an Orthodox area but if I had had a guest, Jewish or not, staying I would have advised them to pick up dinner before 6pm on a Friday or else they might find nothing was open. I don’t think anybody would take this the wrong way, there’s always UberEats.


I am going to correct you here. Brookline is a city with its own government that happens to share a border with Boston. Sadly, most of the kosher restaurants and delis are now long gone, and one has no difficulties in this area finding food during the Sabbath.


I was there in 1994. Those Jewish delis were awesome. I guess places change. Good times.

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