Orders of photos


What do you think it’s the best for photos order?

More detail, please. I’m not sure what you are asking.

I mean is it normally better to start on the gallery with outside, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom or what order of photos do you think is best?

I start with a photo of the outside, but only because my house has decent curb appeal. From there I order photos in terms of what I think guests will be most interested in. Bedroom, followed by bathroom. Then on to common areas with kitchen, breakfast area and den. Lastly are photos of the backyard outdoor area.

Is this the same listing you showed on another thread? The red villa? If so, post the link so people can see it. If not, post the relevant listing. The pictures there looked pretty good, I thought. I don’t think there is a specific rule - I’d just post the best-looking photo earlier, and the not-so-great ones later. But if that’s the same listing you showed earlier, I think you’ll get plenty of traffic. The price also looked pretty reasonable.

Yes it’s the same

I should change the base price as it’s not corresponding anymore to the real price we are charging.

I put the most appealing photos as my first three.

The selling point of our listing are its wonderful views. Therefore my first few photographs show that view,.(Including one at sunrise which is fabulous).

I then assume that most guests will spent most of the time in the living area so show the lounge and dining space. (Plus the views from them of course!)

Finally I show the kitchen and the bathroom. Both are cute (original 1949) but I think that it’s the view and location that attracts guess.

I have strong opinions on this, having reviewed dozens, or maybe hundreds, of poorly written and organized listings that just frustrate the hec out of me. I know it is always frustrating that guests don’t read listings, but, reading listings is exhausting. Every hosts writes it so differently it’s hard to get the bullet points right up front. Then it’s hard to keep them straight in my mind, who offers what, etc.

As a guest, I want to see the bedrooms first. I need to know, primarily, where I’m going to be sleeping (especially if I’m traveling with a group). But I don’t need 10-15 photos from every angle. Just 3-4. I don’t need up-close photos of the artwork. I’m sifting through 10-20 listings, usually late at night because that’s the only time I have time to do it. Give me the facts right upfront.

The only caveat - if you have pets, show those photos right after the bedrooms.

The second thing I need to know is, where am I going to pee? Show me the bathroom next. But again, 1, maybe 2 photos - it’s not that big a deal. Just so I see that it’s clean and reasonably maintained.

Then, what areas will I have private access to? Be clear in your captions “this is your kitchen” or “this is a patio for your private use”. If you show me a patio without a caption I’m going to wonder “will my husband and I sit there quietly sipping wine together, or will we be getting to know our hosts or other guests?” Then show me a few shots of any shared areas. Maybe a shot of the neighborhood. Then move out a bit and show me what is around - the nearest market, pub, etc., so I know what I’m walking to.


Most attractive photo first. As the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. But be careful that you aren’t misleading. For example don’t put a view of a beach nearby if there is no view of that beach. I used to have a picture of my kitchen first because it was brand new. But it’s not a whole house and kitchen access is only available when I’m home. I don’t even list it as an amenity now. Really, what I offer is a bed and ensuite bathroom so my first pic is of the bed. I’m not a tourist location.

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Since I rent my whole house I order the photos to match how they would experience walking through the house. Exterior, porch, front room, living room, etc.

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