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Open the app at hosting only

Hey, I use the airbnb app on my phone, Every time I open the app, it opens at traveling-I want to be able to avoid having to switch, is the a way to have the app open only at hosting> thanks

Anyone? Has anyone experienced this? thanks

My app always open in hosting mode on both my phone and tablet. Do you have a pending reservation as a guest ?

thanks, no, I don’t have a pending reservation, I did figure out that if I delete and reinstall the app, it is fine though……so that’s what I did-thanks

back to the same crap again, even after deleting and reinstalling-it’s a pain in the arse

Mine defaults to hosting, sorry it’s not working right for you…sometimes it’s the little things that can be so annoying !

There was a recent redesign. The first release was opening up to the Guest side for me, but then they put out a further update that is back to opening to the Host side. It’s unfortunate that messaging is now in a subsection of a tab instead of its own tab.

The app looks different each time I open it and I open it everyday :sweat_smile:

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