Open price calculator tool?

Hi just signed up!
we have been hosting for only 2 years.
Recently went to go through our pricing and when you go onto calendar, the open price calculator is now not available?? or am I doing something wrong.
I contacted AirBnB normal story if not happy with something you have to send feedback no one available to actually discus why this has been changed …no longer available.
We found this tool so very useful able to see at click of the button what guests pay compared to the host payout… seems as if AirBnB are b being less transparent, also meant very simple as a host to compare other properties and also check prices against other booking platforms.
Can anyone either help and tell me if this still available or if AirBnB has removed then why!!

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Just do a search for your property using a different browser, or your regular one in incognito mode.

You want to know why Airbnb do something, ask them.


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Welcome to the forum @Lucky67. The price calculator is still available. I work from my laptop.

On your calendar, select the date range. On the right under nightly price, click on “open price calculator”. You will be able to see what guests will pay under the “guest pay” tab and your payout under the “payout” tab.


Yes I have now found out what has happened problem is due to new booking smoobu booking system !!!

I disabled site and open calculator is available

So 2 systems are not syncing perfectly

Thanks for your reply

Actually, they are. It’s just that the task you want to do is done differently and from within Smoobu. There is an option within Smoobu to do a price check, but its been a long time since I used Smoobu so check their documentation.

Generally speaking, when you use a channel manager, most native Airbnb calendar/pricing functions are disabled (greyed out) as Airbnb receives its data from the channel manager.


I can’t find price calculator. How do I disable the smooth booking system?

I am also missing the price calculator tool since about 4 months or so. It used to be there under the nightly price when I selected a date range on my calendar, but it’s no longer to be found anywhere. I do not use smoobu. It was so useful… is it still appearing for other people?

My stated price is always lowered by Airbnb. Is this normal? How do I seek to rectify?