Ontario Canada HST collected or included?

Can anyone in Ontario tell me what the deal is with HST on bookings? We’re just new to this with no bookings yet and no idea how much we will get…do we collect it or is it collected by airbnb or due upon arrival (which seems totally awkward)

If it’s not on the Airbnb website (lots of tax stuff is) you will probably get a quicker answer posting on an Ontario host forum or social media group (presuming you guys have one).


I don’t know of an Ontario host forum, although that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There is a not very lively Toronto one in the Airbnb Community Centre, with no good answers about HST. Do you expect to make over $30,000 this year, and do you have an HST number, @Earthangel? If so, search for adding taxes in Help from your Airbnb dashboard. It will tell you there what to do.
If you do not have an HST number, and you might gross $30,000 this year, you will want to apply for it yourself or ask an accountant for help.



I have been having the toughest time getting information from AirBnB about HST in Canada and when they will remit the HST they have collected to Revenue Canada.

They have said things such as “information not available at this time” and other variants.

I find it bothersome that they have collected HST on my behalf since July 2022, and I can see it on the payout details for all guests who stayed with us for less than 30 days.

But AirBnB literally avoids the question and spams me with their HelpDesk text, which is completely generic and non-relavant to the situation.

I am asking “When will AirBnB send the HST collected on my behalf in 2022 to Revenue Canada? Also, how much will you be sending to them?”

I have been after them for three months for the answers to those simple questions, and no one is answering me over there.

Stop wasting your time. Airbnb CS will never tell you that. And they don’t send payments individually for each listing, as far as I am aware- they send payments in bulk for all listings.

Is that legal? I have an HST number registered with them. How do I know they will actually send that information and those funds. They haven’t yet, and they won’t tell me when OR how much.

It is between Airbnb and your tax dept. You just submit the info from your Airbnb account which shows how much Airbnb collected and withheld.

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