Only one AirBnB booking in April but tons of BDC bookings - that seems strange

April is strange month for me. I have only one AirBnB booking for the entire month but the month is pretty full with BDC bookings so I am not complaining apart from the fact on BDC you can’t review guests though luckily all my guests have been excellent.

I wonder if it’s because my location (in the centre of the city) makes my place more attractive to people who are on business than vacationers? I was a supervisor but lost that status with the dearth of bookings

What do you mean, a supervisor? You mean Superhost? If so, they haven’t counted number of stays or nights booked towards Superhost since Covid started. I still have that status and have been closed for over a year. So you list it for not meeting some other criteria.


I meant superhost. Auto correct in action again. I looked at all my stats and I seem to have met all the criteria for being a superhost but maybe I missed one somewhere? Not a big deal

I see a similar pattern. Air has probably platoed and BdC is recently the more marketing driven comp. Also I see VBRO respectively Expedia starting to stretch it’s muscles again.
Would be great if one would come up with Superguest …

It’s been that way down here as well, for around eighteen months, maybe a bit longer.

When I do a price check against, who I would call our competitive set, before I use any filters on Airbnb it brings back 300+ listings. A completely saturated market with some seriously fanciful prices, and with some seriously cheap prices, in fact so cheap they can’t be making much at all.

When I look at some of the calendars, they’re empty, or have the odd booking here and there. We’re nowhere back to our pre Covid levels of occupation, but if our calendar was so bare I’d be considering my options.

BDC is a different story, and it is from where we are receiving the vast majority of bookings from, with a some Vrbo thrown in for the Summer. Far less listings on both, and with prices more suited to our market. We haven’t had an Airbnb guest since early July 2020, and have no bookings at all from them so far. Page views are starting to pick up, so maybe one will pop up soon :grinning:


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Always nice to read your pointed comments.
I have given up at looking at competitive sets around here as I have no idea how you can offer a decent room for a pittance. I intend to start increasing my prices now getting closer to the main season so when BdC cancels the next lot will pay more. Thankfully I m not under profit pressure and a fairly large international network will gather short term long stay bookings should the schedule in Porto return to normal.
I m after the personal recommendations and direct bookings- the gold dust - Portals are just well and performance paid service providers bringing cattle to the gate.
We ll see how covid and covid India plays out . Would the term - fully vaccinated hosts be allowable? - I wonder… M

We’re in el centro, therefore it’s a lot easier to identify similar properties. There’s a few hosts that have been doing STR for years, we even stayed with one before buying here, and they are usually a good indicator as to which way the wind is blowing price wise.

Some of the prices recently on Airbnb are simply ridiculous, one bed apartments for €25 to €30 per night at times. I would rather keep my doors closed than go down that route!

Probably, but personally I wouldn’t use it. Just seems a bit off in some way…


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You can divulge your own vaccination status but to keep it from being too odd, maybe put it in your host profile as a story. (Several of my guests mention they’ve read my profile)

E.g We love hosting. 2020-2021 has been difficult for all. We are grateful to have received our Covid19 vaccinations and see life returning to normal.


Ditto. However while snooping on close-by rentals, I noticed they’ve upped their rates substantially for summer bookings.

Price pendulum is swinging with tourism increasing

Thanks - like the idea of putting something like this in the profile… although after still having a sore arm two days later I m not sure I m grateful

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I understand. I rocked some serious fatigue & malaise for 24 hrs after the shot. Hey-much better than potential Covid hospitalization or personal morgue tour.

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I am finding a similar pattern of my market share via Airbnb decreasing and BdC and VRBo increasing. I was pursuing a deliberate strategy since last year to reduce my exposure to Airbnb as I was too exposed to them as a marketing source particularly after they threatened me with suspension for chasing a guest for fees for smoking, extra cleaning and late checkout when they would not. I pushed back strongly and they retreated but I wanted to reduce my future risk. Our revenue has recovered to better than pre-covid but with less percentage of revenue via Airbnb. It may be a combination of the steps we have taken to favour other platforms and Airbnb popularity waning. It is an indicator when the private equity sell out to an IPO that the best days are over.

I was looking at our page views over the past wee while, not that they provide worthwhile data for us at this time, Andalucia is still closed off from the rest of Spain and it is still (supposed to be) essential travel only to Spain as a whole.

On Airbnb we have a total of, according to them, 73 for the past 30 days. Under the Views tab in performance, it suggests the actual total for both properties is 46. :roll_eyes:

Sadly, Vrbo is around 40 or so, therefore I’m not expecting a rush of bookings from that direction!

However, on BDC, for the past 30 days our combined total of both properties is 1,433.

All three platforms are way down from 18/24 months ago, but the drop off with Airbnb is really disappointing. The over supply on Airbnb I suspect has played a large part in this.

Anyway, it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out which OTA we’ll be concentrating on for the Summer…

We still owe Airbnb around €200 from last July, where they paid us twice for the same booking, at this rate it’s going to go down in history as the cheapest loan ever!