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Only 7 properties showing in my area - and mine not included?


My booking stats have halved this month and in trying to work out why, I did a search in another (logged out) browser to check our area. I’ve checked no date, I’ve checked dates I know we’re available and neither shows our house?

It obviously is showing somewhere as we had a booking from the other side of the globe today, but I’m wondering why it doesn’t appear in a general search?



So when this happens to me, it’s because the “only allow bookings that start on a particular day of the week” is toggled on.

Yes, my calendar is free, but unless someone’s first day happens to coincide with that particular day of the week, I’m screwed.

So I’d recommend checking that, and if you have a minumum number of nights required (even if you don’t remember adding it, the software occasionally changes magically)


We have no way of knowing without you providing a link to your listing :slight_smile:

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