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Ongoing negotiations with visitors - affected periods hidden from future guests?

Hi there,

I am experiencing this since I have posted my listing (2015 December 22).
I have an instant booking listing.
after I have received an inbound inquiry (a certain stay period is specified) from a registered visitor, I have a ‘pre-approve/decline/send special offer’ buttons.
regardless what is the result of our conversation, I experience that from this point of time, NEVER after this period will be booked, UNLESS THIS VISITOR FINALLY BOOKS IT.

have any of you experenced this?
Thank you!

You dont describe your experience. What actually happened?

I have not noticed this - the calendar is not blocked until they book it. There is an annoying time between when they book and and, if not already validated, their ID is checked. Other than that I’ve not had this problem.

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In that case a guest chose not to use Instant Book and instead a traditional inquiry. They could be looking for more info before booking or are not qualified to book via Instant Book if you require IB guests to have prior positive reviews.

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