One property, multiple listings help

Are there any hosts out there that would be willing to share your listings? I have a whole house listing but would like to create a second listing for it to use only one bed/one bath for 2 people. I don’t want to charge by the guest, but would like to make it available for a couple for a lower price and lower cleaning charge. I am specifically interested in your wording and how you direct people to your reviews of the whole house? Thanks in advance!

Just do a second listing to the rooms you want to rent and ensure the calendars are linked.
In the single room listing make sure that you mention other bedrooms are available at an extra cost and that you are able to lock the extra bedrooms off…. Otherwise they will be used


I do that on AirBnB. Three-bedroom home with six as max occupancy, couples listing is about $150 a night lower than the >2 rate in the low season (we’re a big honeymoon destination). Couples listing isn’t open for booking except for dates in low demand for larger groups.

The two-person listing has a max occupancy of two. Here are the first two house rules:

  • Maximum number of guests is two. Book our other listing (“Serene, spacious, stylish, staffed hilltop villa”) for more than two guests.

  • If, after you book, you wish to increase the size of your party: you may increase the size of your party to as many as six people by contacting us and paying a fee of $200US per night for the entire stay before your check-in date. If your party size is more than two and you do not make arrangements before you arrive to increase it, the fee increases from $200US to $300US.

Edited to add: I used to have extra-person fees instead of a second listing, but that got to be an administrative headache. People would come and go (different schedules, missed flights, etc.) and I ended up spending hours refunding and billing just the extra-person fees.


@cjmart Just tell guests when you write up the listing to click on your profile to see your reviews.
And down where reviews appear on the listing itself, it says “Host has xx reviews for their other listings. Click here to see.” or something to that effect.

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I recently got some excellent advice from folks here about how to run two listings for the same apartment, just with different rules and pricing. So far it has worked well!

First listing uses Instant Book and only allows stays of up to 10 days.

Second listing only allows bookings by request, allows stays of 21-30+ days (can’t remember the exact upper limit, but the 21 days is significant because it exempts me from the annual limit on STRs in Sydney), and is slightly cheaper than the short stay listing, but it states guests must have a 5-star rating with at least 5 reviews.

The second listing makes brief reference to the shorter stay in the overview text (the stuff you read without clicking on “read more” to expand) and then there’s more info in the extended text.

My second listing is (where I only have one review because it’s new) and that listing refers potential guests to the original listing, (which is a year old and has more reviews).


I listed the same property as two separate listing that are links so that I don’t get double-booked. This allows me to clearly state that if they use the second room (den) as a bedroom they will be charged that rate. I charge more per night and cleaning. It’s an option people like but it’s more work for me.

Here’s my two listings.

Don’t forget to sync your calendars. And I always double-check that the syncing is working.

We’ve been double-listing for years – with cross references in each listing. Our two-bedroom guest suite can be configured as a smaller (cheaper) alternative simply by locking off one of the bedrooms. By listing each configuration as a separate property, we are expanding our marketing reach

  • In the larger configuration we say: For those seeking a smaller accommodations, we also offer a one-bedroom configuration of our fully-private guest suite… blah blah with link

  • In the smaller configuration we say: For those seeking a larger accommodations, we also offer a two-bedroom configuration of our fully-private guest suite, achieved by unlocking a second bedroom that is unavailable in the less-expensive one-bedroom configuration… blah blah with link

We have linked them on our Airbnb calendar so a booking in one automatically blocks out those days on the other listing

Thanks for all who replied. I did set up a second listing and did sync the calendars. I appreciate the helpful advice!