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One person booking a multiple bedroom listing

For those of you who rent a whole house/apt. listing or multiple rooms, do you often find single individuals utilizing more than one bedroom?

I have only had one solo traveler and I do not recall her sleeping in both bedrooms.

My rooms are twin and I often get someone sleeping in both beds and using both towels. The beds are exactly the same, same duvet tog, cover and same mattress

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I have a whole apartment with 1 bedroom, and I’ve had inquiries and bookings for single people. I think for some people in town for longer stays, there’s appeal to have a place with a kitchen or private space. I wouldn’t see the appeal for 1-2 nights, but definitely if you were in town for a week or more.

But again, if you can get a whole place on AirBNB for the same price as a double-bed hotel room, why not go for it?

But then I realized you had people using more than one room. Maybe they didn’t sleep well the first night and wanted to try the other room? Maybe they’re trying to get what they pay for?

They wanted to get their money’s worth and get all the action they could in all the rooms… :wink:
What about putting locks on the other rooms?

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Beware undeclared extra guests…

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You have to keep an eye on guests like this. Some of them tend to treat your apartment like ‘home’, invite guests etc.

Which is why my apartment is across from my house and I have it clearly in my rules. I can easily monitor, and I wouldn’t hesitate to kick people out. I get mostly families since we’re in a family vacation area, so I mostly have to worry about having kids around. But as I have 4 of my own, it’s not too bad yet.

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