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One person booked and paid but two stayed. They did not pay the extra for shared occupancy despite being asked


Has anyone had problems with more guests arriving than booked. I had two guests recently on business. Their boss ( he was related to one of them) booked our twin room for one. But then told me there were two coming. He asked the price and I told him what we charge for shared occupancy and I would need to amend the booking. He said the men would " sort it out when they arrive" They didn’t and were quite obviously not really happy with our place ( we went out of our way to help them) Clearly they were not tourists and well past retirement age , and were quite fed up! But as their boss booked and paid for the room initially, there was no way they were paying the extra. So while they were here, I emailed their boss AND Airbnb and have heard nothing. Nor can I find either message, they seemed to disappear into a big black hole. Not sure what to do now, it’s not a lot of money but it’s the principle. We clearly state our prices in our listings. It’s a learning curve for my husband and I ( we are relatively new to hosting) and I will never accept a booking again on behalf of someone else.


They are clearly not playing by the rules. I would personally leave them a negative review since you clearly state there is an extra charge for extra people. Not sure what else you can do though unfortunately.


This is why I always go through Airbnb for everything. If the guest says they will work it out on arrival, just say that you’re sorry but all payments go through Airbnb.
You can alter the booking in your reservations tab to increase the price to two person occupancy and then they have to accept it.
Also, You have the right to refuse them accommodation alltogether if they show up and refuse to pay and wish to stay with more people than are booked for. I think this is listed under the Guest Refund Policy but don’t quote me…


Difficult one. I’m with Airbnb because I like the way Airbnb handles the payments etc, so that I can focus on being-nice-for-my-guests. And yes, my first guests suddenly had one more child than expected (or payed for). I just didn’t know how to handle that and let it be - even reviewed them positively.
I think that the real issue here is that we let people come in in our homes. We want everyone to feel comfortable there, so that we all feel safe and can say goodbye as friends. If guests book - willingly? - too ‘cheap’ then we break the comfort rule if we demand the extra money the same day, and it’s a bit strange to confront them the day after.
So I took my little loss and promised myself to be more hounest the next time. That next time never came, thereafter all my guests were nice and correct.
So I figure it’s a bit part of the game. Good feeling overall, and sometimes a Disappointment.


Well said. Not every Guest is going to be perfect and sometimes us as hosts aren’t going to do everything perfectly. I think both guests and hosts need to roll with the punches to a certain degree.
I personally don’t see the point in charging extra for 2 people as opposed to 1.


If this happens in the future, there is a way to amend the Airbnb reservation when there is a change in the number of guests. Do it quickly before the 24 hrs. is up. You can probably do it afterwards too, but not sure. Or just collect it in cash if it is too late to edit the reservation. Once you amend the reservation the guest needs to click “accept.” Sorry you didn’t realize you could have just done this, and then the person who booked would have just needed to accept it - if he refused then you could contact Airbnb to let them know.

For some reason in this business, guests will try to walk all over you. Many in this industry just let it go if there are extra guests (in order to avoid confrontation) - I don’t. I just politely let them know the extra funds are due immediately. To me not wanting to pay what is owed is like shop lifting. I don’t know of any store owner who would look the other way if a customer was stuffing items in their bag. My current guests booked for 4. They are very nice. After arrival they asked permission if their niece and her two kids could visit for one night. I said "Sure, just leave $30 in the bread box for every night they stay, as the cost for each additional guest over 4 is $10. They said OK…thanks. They can think I am cheap or petty, but that is okay with me. After all, it is the guest who is changing the reservation after booking. It should not surprise them that the price changes.


Yes… just think how a hotel would handle this! Hotels don’t love extra guests and they are usually strictly forbidden! We were checking in a hotel counter in Tokyo with three of us once (one of my sons lives there) and the desk clerk immediately said, “Oh this is for three, there is an extra charge.” We explained that my son lived here and would be going home… So we only paid for two!

Cabin is right. You have to be strict about this problem. In five years on Air, I’ve never had this happen, except for twice this year! Kinda shocked! So I took action… I’ve written it in my house rules, description, rental info doc. It’s even on my fridge rules!

They can’t miss it… ONLY YOUR APPROVED REGISTERED GUESTS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY OR IN THE APARTMENT. I have not had a problem since, but yes, it is awkward… especially at my place where they “could” sneak someone by because it is a separate and lockable space…


Hi optimater,

This is one of our biggest frustrations with Airbnb. Quite a high percentage of our guests book for one guest when they are a party of two. We just had one who thought that if the listing said that the space accommodates two that she should book for one even though our listing says $15.00 for each guest after the first guest.

I think this is something Airbnb should address. From our guests I understand that the default number of guests is one. I think the person booking the space should have to fill in the number of guests; there should not be a default.


Had an inquiry for one of our 1 bedroom apartments for 2 guests. Than they asked me if any of our 2 bedroom apartments are available. They were all booked, however the 1 bedroom comes with the pull out sofa. I asked them how may guests in their party. Their replay (as expected) was now 4. I said OK just make sure you put 4 guests on your booking so you get the correct rate. That was 2 days ago - still waiting (not) for the booking.


Do you know, I would never have believed that people could do something like this before I started doing B&B. Then the Belgian couple with “one” child turned up with, yes, you’ve guessed - two children. “But he’s only small and will sleep in our bed” … The mother then had the nerve to tell me that they always do this because “it’s really difficult to find accommodation with two kids.” My husband finally presented her with a bill for the measly amount we charge for an extra child but she refused to pay. I wasn’t so bothered with that, we quite often have families with two children in the apartment and sometimes waive the extra charge, it was the barefaced deceit that got me …

We now specifically ask, as said above “How many people (including children) will be in your party?” but we still trip up sometimes. Last week’s guests (French) arrived and we were shocked to see not just the couple, but a (very large!) teenage son … I stammered something about, umm, we thought it was just two guests … Mais non, she said, I stated three adults. Sure enough, when my husband, who deals with bookings, checked, it did say three, but as in all the correspondence she referred to “my husband and I” he had forgotten! Lucky that our apartment does in fact sleep three and that they were nice easy-going guests who we got oon well with!


Sounds like the listing is not clear enough, and if it’s too nebulous they will make assumptions.

I clearly state: “I can take two adults max. Not a fit for babies or toddlers, but I will be happy to take one adult and one older child.”

If they do show up for more, claim on their deposit! Keep proof! (Snap a couple of pix of them walking out with the kid(s) so you can prove it to AirBnB.

That’s clearly breaking the rules, but I have found you REALLY have to make rules clear… otherwise the clods will take advantage.



Also, when they show up like that you can say "oh, I need to edit the reservation and change the number of guests. I will need you to accept the changes so that Airbnb can adjust the rate before 24 hrs. is up. Do this immediately before they can even unpack. I did this before and guest accepted within minutes. That way Airbnb gives you the correct payout that they release after 24 hrs. You may have to call Airbnb to walk you through how to do it but it is very easy. Don’t forget to collect the extra lodging tax too. If not, then they can pay cash for the extra person. The more time that passes, means they will think they don’t owe you.

I would also add to what you typically ask and say "including children and babies" - some will say their baby doesn’t count as a child.

What was your guests explanation to refuse to pay for her child? So what if he slept in the same bed.


Cabin, I have heard that “same bed” thing and it’s a joke. Are they serious? Hotels let them stay with kids, but we are not a hotel.

No, I raised my kids, they are in college now… and they were LOUD and spirited… I’m sure the entire neighborhood heard when things weren’t going well around here or they were being forced to do homework or chores… :wink: Or were otherwise misbehaving… I love my kids but until there is the wee patter of grandchildren feet, i reserve the right to say no to the little brats. (oh, I mean darlings!)


Cabin that is a great idea for the SURPRISE third person thing… change the reservation! Never thought of it!

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