One of 4 tenant refuses to pay and moves out leaving 3 others

I am one of the 4 tenants who lives in a Sao Paulo airbnb. We booked it for 2.5 months but one of the tenants (name is listed in the booking) decided to pack her bags and leave, taking the keys with her and left the other 3 to pay for her share of the rent. Are there any actions the other housemates can do to ensure that her commitment is held? Thank you.

Jane – sorry to hear of your problem. However, this is a forum for Hosts to discuss issues, not Guests. My suggestion is that your telephone AirBnb Customer Service. There is a list of countries and numbers at the top of this Forum.

I guess the person who’s account was used to make the booking, will have the responsibility to pay for the AirBnB.

After that it’s all about agreements (contracts) between the people sharing the flat, and any discussion about these agreements will be handled in court, not through AirBnB.

Airbnb guests are guests, not tenants. You therefore only have responsibility for paying for your booking not any other guests.

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I guess the long term cancellation policy is in operation.

If you want to cancel, find the listing on airbnb, contact the host before the month is out and advise her that you either 1) want to cancel the rest of your stay 2) want to rebook under your own account
Whichever is applicable!
Either way, it is the person who moved out that has their card on the airbnb system and they will likely not let it be charged for another month, so if you do not take the actions above, you will be booted by the host!

This is not an AirBnB issue.
Go the a local legal office and get legal advice.

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If you want to stay there and are on speaking terms with the guest who booked and left you could offer to pay the remaining time for the booking.

If not I would suggest you book another Airbnb or similar in your own names and move there.